Mamak is a popular Malaysian eatery located in Chinatown. They always have line ups outside! I didn’t get to try them on my last visit to Sydney so this time we came early to line up. The turnover rate is pretty fast though so the wait isn’t too bad.


While you wait, you can watch the chefs make roti through the window. I knew we had to order some!ย  Continue reading →

Kaya Malay Bistro

For our weekly Friday lunch, we decided to visit Kaya Malay Bistro. It was either Kaya or Banana Leaf and they both happen to be on Broadway. Since I haven’t been to Kaya before I voted that we go! The prices for their lunch special are similar to Banana Leaf. The interior was very spacious and modern looking.

Kaya Malay BistroI ordered the Char Bee Hoonย which was fried rice noodles withย ย with shrimp, fish cake, squid, bean sprout and egg. This was a non spicy dish and it tasted pretty average to me. Also the squid was quite over cooked so it was really chewy.

Kaya Malay BistroSingapore Laksa

Kaya Malay Bistro

This was the Kari Lamb which was boneless lamb stewed in curry and served with rice and a small side of salad. It was made to be extra spicy and it was also very tender so I liked this better than my noodles!

The food was alright but nothing memorable. Might have to try their dinner for a better review!

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My boss treated my coworker and I to lunch today =) We headed over to Rasoee which was just a few streets away from our office. I’ve heard that Rasoee has quite a few locations now and I didn’t know that there was one near the Canada Line.

The inside of the restaurant was not very big but it was nicely furnished and it looked very modern. There were big cushions along all the seats and I thought that was pretty cool. There was also a “Keep Calm and Curry On” poster too.

They had a bright digital menu on the wall. It’s not extensive and the ordering process is very simple. Just choose your wrap or bowl and then choose your curry. We also got one combo with fries and a can of pop for an extra $2.49.

I got the lamb curry with mango chutney on whole grain naan bread since I was feeling healthy. Inside the paper wrapping is another layer of foil wrapping.

I thought this was a pretty big wrap it was filled with rice and some diced veggies. I also asked for it to be medium spicy. The mango chutney made the wrap taste sweet but still with a spicy kick to it. There didn’t seem to be that much lamb in it though but the pieces of lamb were very tender. I really liked the sauce though even though it got a bit messy after a while.

The be green spinach curry with no rice. Didn’t try this.

The fries! They were a lot better than I expected for some reason. The presentation was nice too for a fast food type of place. They were very crisp and “Tandoori” spiced. The seasoning wasn’t particularly salty but did give it a bit of flavor.

I really liked my wrap so I’ll definitely try this place again if I want a curry wrap and the fries were good too. Great restaurant ambiance for a fast food type of place! I’m a sucker for ambiance… =_________=

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