Tacos El Gordo-Las Vegas

Tacos El Gordo was featured on an episode of Tasty: Friend in Town and was also highly rated on Yelp. I was looking forward to some authentic Mexican food since the US is closer to Mexico and they seem to have more Mexican food available. Tacos El Gordo is located near the Wynn hotel.

Tacos El Gordo

We were not prepared for the amount of people lining up outside and inside the crowded store. I have never seen this many people at a taco shop before! There was someone at the door directing customers to which line they can join. They have lines based on which protein you wanted e.g. carne asada (steak), al pastor (pork), lengue (beef tongue) etc. Then you can choose how you want your meat. e.g. tacos, quesadillas, vampiros, sopes, mulas, tostadas etc. We had to Google what some of these things were.

It is best to come with multiple people so you can stand in different lines and try different proteins. Be prepared to wait at least 20-30 minutes.

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Yardbird Southern Table and Bar-Las Vegas

Yardbird came up on Yelp as one of their most popular and highly rated restaurants. Their chicken and waffles dish sounded amazing but was also really pricey ($36 USD which is about $45 CAD). Since I love fried chicken I had to try it.

Yardbird Southern Table and Bar

They have a bar/lounge area on one side and another more brightly lit dining room. We made a reservation for brunch at 10am (when they open) and were promptly seated. Yardbird is located inside the Venetian. It still surprises me that there are people gambling in the morning… or maybe they never went home?

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Earl of Sandwich-Planet Hollywood

Recently I went on a short 3 day trip to Vegas. The weather was perfect and I had a list of restaurants that I needed to hit up. Today we are going to talk about a “cheap eats” spot, Earl of Sandwich!

Earl of Sandwich is a highly rated sandwich shop with a few locations on the strip. We went to the one inside Planet Hollywood. Their claim to fame is having “The World’s Greatest Hot Sandwich”.

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