Christmas Lunch at Cafe Pacifica

For our annual company Christmas dinner, we decided to go for the buffet at Cafe Pacifica at the Pan Pacific Hotel. *I’m so fancy* haha okay just kidding but this is as fancy as my life gets.

We were seated by the windows which was nice except we were blocked by one of the “white sails” so we couldn’t see much beyond that but the space is nice with the floor to ceiling windows letting in lots of light. The restaurant is located on the second floor and the lunch buffet was $58/person. There were only 4 weekdays to choose from for this buffet so it was mostly catered towards company lunches. Needless to say, I was super excited! Also it’s free! Bwahaha Each person also received one of those festive cracker things where you pull it and a small gift pops out. I ended up with a green plastic carabiner keychain and it will probably sit around until I throw it out.

Mostly this will be a picture post since I can’t remember the super long food descriptions and I was busy pigging out … so without further ado!

Cafe Pacifica Christmas Buffet

Some sort of chocolate mousse cake. Cookies on the top tray.

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Zipang Provisions

Zipang Provisions just started having lunch hours on weekdays so my co-workers and I decided to try it out. Before they only served lunch on weekends. Zipang Provisions used to be just Zipang and located on Main and 23rd? but they they moved to Main and 14th near Burgoo and next to the Last Crumb Bakery.

Since they just started serving lunch, it was pretty empty. I like the the wood themed decor though it looks very nice and polished inside.

Zipang Provisions

To start, we shared the Chicken Kaarage with Garlic Mayo. There were five pieces but one was a lot smaller than the others. The chicken was very moist and juicy! Can’t go wrong with fried chicken!

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Shishinori for Lunch Again

On another visit to Shishinori, I tried their Spicy Chicken Chashu bowl. You can also get it non-spicy but I love all things spicy so I got that instead. I believe it was an additional $0.75? We really liked their food on our first visit so we had to come back! Also, it’s a healthier option!


As usual the plating was excellent. The chicken was soooo smooooth!!! I have no idea how they get it so smooth. Also it was interesting that they cut it into circular pieces. As for the spicy sauce, it was indeed spicy! You will feel it burn your tongue a bit after a while. The salad on the side had no dressing though so it was difficult to eat. =/ They should really provide some! The marinated egg was ok, not particularly outstanding to me but very soft as well.


On yet another separate occasion, I grabbed some green tea ice cream ($3). It came in a pretty small container despite the picture here (sorry I’m obviously not a photographer). I’m not sure why but I expected more! I think they give you more at Mazazu Crepe in Aberdeen. The ice cream was sprinkled with some green tea powder and topped with a star shaped ginger cookie. The cookie was burnt so it was not that enjoyable. Ice cream was good though! I’m still waiting to get their green tea parfait.

Read about my first visit here.

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Menya Japanese Noodle

On an impromtu lunch, we had no idea where we were going so we ended up driving by Menya Japanese Noodle and I was just like ok let’s try it. The interior was actually more spacious than I expected and definitely more spacious than a lot of other ramen joints which was nice. Their stools were also shaped like tree stumps. The menu was also more extensive than other ramen restaurants and included yakisoba and bento boxes.

Menya Japanese Noodle

My friend decided to order the Oyako Don which was mixed with some snow peas and came with a side salad. There wasn’t that much chicken and it was chopped up pieces of chicken too. The egg part didn’t look very appetizing… rice seemed a bit hard… I was expecting something better looking but it does look close to the image they have on their menu.

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Long Suika Lunch Review!

I’ve been to Suika for lunch 3 times now so I thought I’d do a longer review today!


Lunch Menu

SuikaThis was the Double Tonkatsu Set served with two kids of dipping sauce. They also let you grind up your own sesame seeds to add to the sauce for a nuttier flavour. This was a super filling set and the tonkatsu was nicely fried, not too dry and not too oily. I like how they present it on a rack too.


All the lunch sets are also served with complimentary salad for your table.

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Kingyo Izakaya

Kingyo is another popular izakaya and it’s been on my list for a while too. It’s on Denman near Robson so it’s a bit far but I finally made it there! They also have this popular deluxe bento box for lunch which is limited to 10 sets per day apparently and when we got there at 1:30pm there were none left. :( You can reserve them though if you really want one.

Kingyo Izakaya

A lot of the choices looked good but I settled for the Pork Kakuni Bowl which was served with a poached egg (under the seaweed) and a side of soup. Yeah I just have a thing for pork belly x) The pork is stewed for 6 hours and it was indeed very tender but not super fatty. There was also a good amount of pork too and the poached egg helped meld everything together nicely. There was a side of mayo but I didn’t end up needing it. There were also 3 small pieces of pickled daikon/carrot which I ate first since I love pickled stuff. The soup was quite packed with miso flavor and combined with the rest of the rice bowl it made for a filling meal.

Kingyo Izakaya

Sorry about the weird angle of the picture. This was the Tuna Steak and Tororo Bowl topped with grated mountain yam and green onions. The tuna was pan fried a bit but still rare. I didn’t try the mountain yam part but the tuna was really good although it was a bit warm from the rice.

I enjoyed my lunch here and I noticed that they had a few items that were similar to some items on their sister restaurant Suika’s lunch menu. Service was pretty quick! I’ll try and come back for their bento box sometime.

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Tuc Craft Kitchen

My co workers and I went to Tuc Craft Kitchen for lunch after seeing their enticing menu. Basically everything looked good! We went on a week day and I was surprised that it wasn’t very busy at all. The restaurant also has a small upstairs section. The decor was really nice too with high ceilings and touches of wood. Classy but not too fancy? Okay maybe that’s just a Gastown thing now.

Tuc Craft Kitchen

This was the Chicken Dip Sandwich with Parsnip Fries. The chicken was super moist and tender and the house-made ranch and basil complimented the chicken well. The sandwich is already delicious on its’ own without the chicken consomme dip! The parsnip fries were thin but didn’t get soggy and it was served with their own coriander ketchup. The ketchup was interesting since it was not as thick as regular ketchup and maybe it was a bit sweeter? I’m not quite sure how to describe it but it’s an interesting twist on ketchup. I’ve never had parsnip fries before but they were good. Ok anything fried is good…

Tuc Craft Kitchen

We had all discussed this sandwich and it was a popular choice for sure! This was the Beef Brisket and Pork Crackling Sandwich with Smashed Potato Fries. That just sounds delicious already right? The sandwich was crunchy from the crackling and there were tender pieces of brisket interspersed in the sandwich. There was also some salsa verde and mustard in the sandwich and it reminded me of Meat and Bread a bit. The smashed potato fries were really just delicious fried pieces of potato. I think I preferred these to the parsnip fries though. This was also served with coriander ketchup.

Tuc Craft Kitchen

Guess what this is? It’s apparently called a “Runsas” and every day they have a different filling in it. On the day that I went, they had fried chicken and cheese which sounded pretty good when the server described it so I decided to try it. It also came with a cream of vegetable soup. The soup was good but I couldn’t tell what kind of vegetables were in it. It was not too heavy though. The pastry part of the runsas is supposed to be made of pizza dough and we all found it to be a bit doughy and dry. Maybe that’s why it was served with coriander ketchup? I was expecting more of a soft of chewy type of pastry.

Order the sandwiches guys!!! You won’t be disappointed. They were both awesome and I will totally come back for them. I would also like to try brunch and dinner now.

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Zakkushi Lunch Sets

Zakkushi just started serving lunch Wed-Sun at their Main St. location. According to their website, they will be serving lunch everyday from May onwards.

Zakkushi LunchI got the Zakkushi set which seemed to be the best deal with 4 kinds of skewers (chicken, pork, garlic stub and seasonable vegetables), a daily appetizer which was marinated lotus root with sesame seeds, miso soup, 3 pieces of sashimi (salmon and tuna), and Soboro don (seasoned and minced chicken with egg on rice. I liked that there was so much variety in one lunch set. The stars of the set were the skewers and they were all good and well seasoned. I wish there was more! I’m not sure if I’ve eaten okra before so it tasted a bit weird to me. For the rice, I think it would’ve been nice if they used a poached egg instead of the shredded egg. Since each skewer costs around $2 I think this set was worth it.

Zakkushi LunchHere’s the Premium Combo with Kobe prime rib, chicken, pork and okra. Basically the only difference is the Kobe prime rib and it comes on it’s own little grill rack! Not sure why that’s necessary…?

Zakkushi Lunch

P-toro Don with poached egg, seaweed and green onion sauce. This looked pretty good too!

This place is pretty small so you should make a reservation if you have a large group. Also, all their desserts are $2.80 during lunch time! Check out their lunch menu here. You can also read my post on their dinner here.

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Railtown Cafe

I came here to pick up lunch with my co workers since it’s awfully close to us and we can’t have Meat and Bread everyday right? Railtown Cafe serves sandwiches, soups, salads and baked goods. They can get pretty busy at lunch time.

Railtown CafeThe first time I went I ordered The Pork Sandwich with tender shoulder, jalapeño, cilantro, pickled vegetable aioli, french baguette. Okay so I mentally compared this to Meat and Bread and they’re not really the same kind of sandwich but I still like Meat and Bread more. The crunchy baguette held everything together and the pork was tender but it wasn’t that flavourful. It was tender though but I expected it to be more… exciting. It was also kind of like a Banh Mi with the cilantro and pickled vegetables and french baguette. It was still a good sandwich but I think I had really high expectations haha

Railtown CafeI also shared the Chicken Quiche with my co worker. The chicken part was really dry. It was just sitting on top and it wasn’t covered up in the store so that’s probably why. The rest of it was okay. I don’t eat a lot of quiche so I can’t really comment.

Railtown Cafe

On my other visit, I had The Smoked Turkey with avocado, provolone, ancho chili aioli, sourdough. There was a lot of turkey inside!

Railtown CafeSince the bread was thin it had trouble holding the large mound of turkey inside. I like the ancho chili aioli though since I like spicy food and there was more flavour to it. I think I would’ve liked this better in a different type of bread though. Also because it would hold the sauce inside a bit better. Both sandwiches I had cost $10 and they’re both quite hefty. You can also add a side salad or soup for $3.

They were good sandwiches overall but I still like Meat and Bread better!

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Turducken Sandwich at Meat and Bread

Meat and Bread is famous for their porchetta sandwiches but they also have a special Turducken sandwich just for Christmas! It was only available on Dec. 23 and 24. On the 23rd my co workers and I went at around 12pm and there was already a huge lineup so we decided to pass and come back the next day before they opened. We expected a line up but not one that went around the corner from their store! Going earlier the next day worked in our favour but we still had to line up for about half an hour. We were standing outside and we could smell the deliciousness inside already. I think I’ve become more of a sandwich person this year.

So what is a Turducken??? It’s chicken stuffed in duck stuffed in turkey. Yes that’s a lot of stuffing.

Turducken Sandwich Meat and Bread

Turducken Sandwich Meat and BreadThe Turducken Sandwich has turducken, fried onion strings, stuffing gravy and cashew butter. It was super moist and flavourful and the gravy was a nice touch. It didn’t feel as fatty as the porchetta either and it was worth the wait! The ciabatta bun was crispy on the outside but still chewy. We were trying not to over hype the sandwich and disappoint ourselves haha If you’re a fan of Meat and Bread you should consider trying their turducken next year! I think the limited availability makes it even more desirable. I mean if you wait for half an hour you’re going to convince yourself it’s really great anyway psychologically speaking. But don’t worry it was good!

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