Le Tigre: Kick Ass Rice is Kick Ass

Le Tigre is another food truck that I’ve wanted to try and my chance came when my co worker said that she was going to pick up some takeout from them! Yay! On Tuesdays they’re located on Cambie and 8th outside Whole Foods which is fairly close to my workplace. They serve contemporary Asian cuisine with a twist and they’re famous for their kick ass rice so of course I got that. You get a choice of pork belly or popcorn chicken with it and it turns out that you can also get half and half! Best of both worlds! I mean I can’t just pick one over the other!

Le Tigre Kick Ass Rice

So what’s in this Kick Ass Rice? According to their website it’s “cooked in sake, butter, dashi and topped with a perfect poached egg,fresh herbs and thai chillies “. Mmm I need to eat this again soon. The popcorn chicken tasted like the Taiwanese kind but with other spices instead of salt and pepper. I thought it was a bit under-seasoned though. The pork belly was fatty and tender like it should be. The poached egg was made perfectly and helped mix everything together! There was also some cabbage underneath along with some cilantro (or something green and leafy)? The rice was delicious and you could taste all the herbs and spices they put in and there was just a bit of spiciness. There were just so many flavours in this I had to savour every bite and I wished there was more.

Le Tigre Kick Ass Rice

My half finished meal with everything mixed up!

This really hit the spot for lunch. Also, I love interesting menu names! It sounds more interesting than a long description of where the food came from like “Fraser Valley pork and apples from the Okanagan…etc”.

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Finch’s Tea and Coffee House-Fancy Sandwiches

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things!

That’s what I was thinking as I walked away with my sandwich to-go from Finch’s Tea and Coffee House. My coworkers who have great taste in food suggested we get some sandwiches for lunch. The cafe definitely had a quaint and rustic feel to it. There was even this nice China cabinet with a sign advertising hot organic apple juice. Good for winter?

Finch's Tea and Coffee HouseWe had called earlier to order our sandwiches and we all got their Baked Brie, Roasted Walnuts, Proscuitto and Pear sandwich. That just sounds so fancy already doesn’t it?

Finch's Tea and Coffee HouseHere’s my sandwich waiting for me to unwrap! It’s just like how sandwiches are supposed to be wrapped in books I’ve read and I finally get one like that! Yeah I’ve never had a sandwich wrapped like this before it’s so fascinating! Ok I’ll stop being dramatic.

Finch's Tea and Coffee HouseOkay since my sandwich was taken to-go the presentation wasn’t all that great. I’ve seen pictures where the pears are beautifully arranged but I”m not going to complain about the way it looks. The sandwich was on a French baguette but I wish it had been warmed up. There were so many flavours going on here! The pear was definitely interesting. It wasn’t too soft nor too crunchy either but I’ve never had a pear in my sandwich before so I just found it really really weird. Maybe I would’ve liked it better if it was apple? I can relate to apples better. The proscuitto was slightly salty while the brie was creamy and it came in square chunks.Then to round it all off there was the crunchy walnuts and the balsamic vinegar too and there’s some of everything in every bite! The textures were pretty interesting too.

Sandwiches are much fancier than Subway! I wouldn’t mind trying another sandwich but maybe without pear…and you can always call ahead to order!

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Kintaro Ramen

I’m not crazy about ramen but it is pretty good on a cold day! On another lunch trip with my co workers I finally got to try Kintaro Ramen which is like the original ramen shop in Vancouver! Stepping into the restaurant we could already feel the heat from their open kitchen and luckily we didn’t have to wait too long although we did have to split our group of 4 into 2 groups of 2 due to limited seating.

Kintaro RamenMy friend had the Cheese Ramen and I think it had a Miso soup base? Basically the cheese was some mozzarella that was sprinkled on top and there was also another slice of it too. You also get to choose lean or fatty cha siu here. Her’s was lean. This was a little more expensive because of the cheese but if you like cheese this is highly recommended!

Kintaro RamenI always order something spicy so naturally I picked the Spicy Garlic Ramen with fatty cha siu and a medium broth. That ball on top of the pork that you see is actually the garlic! This did not occur to me until I tried to take a bite out of it and promptly had to drink copious amounts of water. @___@ The noodles were al dente and the broth was indeed spicy. In fact I hardly noticed the garlic taste till afterwards. Since I ordered the medium rich broth, I began to see the oil and fat coagulating on top as the soup cooled down which was slightly disturbing. The cha siu was super soft and tender though since I got the fatty option. Unfortunately this also gave you garlic breath after so be sure to take some of those mints they offer you at the end of your meal! I think I liked the spicy ramen I had at Ramen Jinya better.

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Brunch at Denny’s

My family wanted to try having brunch at Denny’s since we lived so close to it but we had never gone there before although I had personally tried it before. Denny’s is located about a block away from the Marine Drive Canada Line station so it’s pretty convenient to get there if you’re taking public transit. They also have a small parking lot in the back. It was quite busy around noon but we were quickly seated in a corner. My club at school had just hosted a pancake breakfast the week before so I didn’t feel like having anymore pancakes so the Banana Caramel French Toast Skillet was calling my name!

Denny's There were two pieces of French toast covered in caramel sauce and banana slices. It also came with your choice of bacon or sausage and two eggs. The French toast wasn’t too eggy but still nicely fried. I think they could have used more egg though. There was also enough caramel syrup that I didn’t need to add more pancake syrup to it.

Denny'sThe bacon was good and I can’t complain about bacon! The eggs were typical scrambled eggs but they were pre-salted.

Denny'sMy parents shared the Lumberjack breakfast which came with a lot of hash browns, two eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, two pancakes and two pieces of toast. This was meant to be shared!

IMAG0552Two slices of toast and you have a choice of whole wheat or white bread. I forgot to take a picture of the pancakes because the server brought them after since he couldn’t carry all the plates but they were the typical buttermilk kind and topped with more butter.

Denny'sMy brother had the double Cheeseburger and it was really tall! That’s a lot of meat O___O This is a pretty substantial meal! It tasted alright and seemed to be a decent burger and the patties weren’t dry. On the other hand the fries were so bland that they tasted like the kind you would buy frozen from Costco or worse.

It was not a bad brunch/lunch and I think the Lumberjack breakfast is a really good deal. They also have free refills on coffee.

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