Blossom Teas

Okay this is a quick post on behalf of my foodie friend! I have never been to Blossom Teas before but she used to love this place.

She visited Blossom Teas with her friend and ordered the Mango Pomelo Sago. They found this huge clump of undercooked sago! When she tried to talk to the server about it she said that it was suppose to be like that because it’s cold… so my friend was very disappointed with the response.

Blossom Teas

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Bubble Fruity

I met up with an old high school friend and she suggested we all go to Bubble Fruity for dessert after dinner. I had heard of Bubble Fruity but I never knew where it was. Turns out it’s super close to Richmond Centre on Saba Road and a block away from the Canada Line. Bubble Fruity specializes in Asian desserts like black sesame rice balls, red bean soup and tofu pudding etc.

The lighting was terrible so all my pictures suck. They were playing a TVB drama on a TV hung on the wall and we noticed that there were a lot of mainlanders there.

Bubble FruityThis was the Mango Sago soup? Is this called a soup? It was a nice big bowl for about $5 and you can get it hot or cold. The texture was thick and creamy and they added some basil seeds on top. To be honest, the basil seeds look really weird to me… like my soup has a lot of eyes looking at me or something. Is it just me?! =S Not sure if they used fresh mango though. I also tried the Durian version of this cold (sorry no picture). Continue reading →