Turducken Sandwich at Meat and Bread

Meat and Bread is famous for their porchetta sandwiches but they also have a special Turducken sandwich just for Christmas! It was only available on Dec. 23 and 24. On the 23rd my co workers and I went at around 12pm and there was already a huge lineup so we decided to pass and come back the next day before they opened. We expected a line up but not one that went around the corner from their store! Going earlier the next day worked in our favour but we still had to line up for about half an hour. We were standing outside and we could smell the deliciousness inside already. I think I’ve become more of a sandwich person this year.

So what is a Turducken??? It’s chicken stuffed in duck stuffed in turkey. Yes that’s a lot of stuffing.

Turducken Sandwich Meat and Bread

Turducken Sandwich Meat and BreadThe Turducken Sandwich has turducken, fried onion strings, stuffing gravy and cashew butter. It was super moist and flavourful and the gravy was a nice touch. It didn’t feel as fatty as the porchetta either and it was worth the wait! The ciabatta bun was crispy on the outside but still chewy. We were trying not to over hype the sandwich and disappoint ourselves haha If you’re a fan of Meat and Bread you should consider trying their turducken next year! I think the limited availability makes it even more desirable. I mean if you wait for half an hour you’re going to convince yourself it’s really great anyway psychologically speaking. But don’t worry it was good!

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Meat and Bread- Gastown

Meat and Bread has been on my list of places to try for a while now but I just never happen to be in that part of town. Finally my friend and I decided to make a special visit there for their famous porchetta sandwich. The concept of Meat and Bread is quite simple. It’s meat and bread. No frills and very straightforward for a casual lunch. Even their dining area is simply laid out with a few tables by the window some bar-style seating and a big long table with enough seating for at least 20 people so prepare to get cozy!

Meat and BreadSandwiches are freshly made to order and there was a short line up when we got there around 1pm. Yay skipped the lunch rush! When you walk in you will be faced with their giant menu board on the wall. They only offer four sandwiches: the porchetta, a meatball sandwich, a grilled cheese and a daily special. You can check their website before going to see what the daily special is. We both ordered the porchetta because we’ve heard so much about it.

Meat and BreadWe decided to get our order to go but if you dine in, sandwiches are served on a wooden board with a side of mustard or hot sauce I think.

Porchetta, Meat and Bread

Okay this picture probably doesn’t do it justice but you get the idea. MEAT!Porchetta, Meat and Bread

The porchetta is pork with the crispy crackling skin sprinkled on top with some salsa verde. It reminded me of eating Chinese siu yook with pesto sauce. Okay that sounds like a weird combo now that I’ve said it but it was good! The sandwich was very flavourful due to the fat in the meat and the oil from the salsa verde sank into the bread and softened it up a bit. The texture of the ciabatta bread was seemed kind of hard at first but it was also firm enough to hold everything together without things getting too messy. I was very careful to not drop any of that juicy tender pork! The size of the sandwich was substantial for a quick lunch meal too.  I did feel a bit greasy after eating it though so this wouldn’t be something I’d indulge in regularly. Maybe I’d feel less guilty if there was some sort of veggie in it… but then it wouldn’t be meat and bread! Don’t worry I’m not complaining. These sandwiches are chalk full of delicious meat and if you’re looking for a savoury sandwich, you should put this one on your list!

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