Oh Menchie’s! I’ve heard so much about you and finally I had the chance to visit…twice! =) Apparently it’s the largest self serve frozen yogurt franchise in the world (correct me if I’m wrong). It’s nice that they’ve opened a location at UBC since I never had a chance to visit the one near Broadway. My friend even got me a buy one get one 50% off coupon so of course I had to use that. I spent a lot of my summer visiting Qoola so I was curious to see what Menchie’s had to offer.

I must say that the store environment was a bit more exciting than Qoola’s due to the brightly coloured fuchsia walls and they even have their own mascot! How cute is that? Basically the ordering process was the same though since it was self serve, pick your yogurts + toppings => weigh and pay. I’m a chocoholic so I picked chocolate, red velvet, frozen hot chocolate, and a bit of butter pecan and pumpkin.

As for the toppings, I noticed that they seem to have a lot more candy options here! They had clodhoppers and I haven’t seen or eaten those in ages! However, they didn’t have a lot of fruit options so if you’re into fruits you might not be satisfied here. Luckily I’m not! haha I always try to not over do the toppings since it’s by weight and fruits and heavy candies will weigh a lot. I gotta say my all time favourite topping is mochi!!! And they have that here too so I’m good to go. Otherwise I just sprinkle a variety of chocolate bits on it. ;)

This time they had blueberry mochi :) The mango popping boba things are really good too! I love how cute the spoons are too! When you throw them out you throw the spoon and the container out separately because I think they recycle it? Totally did not notice that the first time I went and I threw out the spoon too oops ><

Here’s another one! Did not go as crazy this time. This has cheesecake bites and cookie dough in it with lots of chocolate sauce and other bits and pieces.

The yogurts were very flavourful and didn’t melt too fast. I think the consistency of Qoola’s yogurt is a bit runnier… maybe slightly. But Pinkberry still has the best chocolate froyo! It’s really think and has the most chocolatey flavour! =) Ok I digress… Anyway, I was very satisfied with my experience here and I will definitely come back but I’m probably quite indifferent between Qoola and Menchie’s. Well ok Menchie’s seems cuter and they do have a loyalty card system.  I think if you get $25 worth of points or something you get a free yogurt? Not too sure on that…but I loooooveeeee frozen yogurt! <3


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