Thai Food in the Food Court

After a few hours of Christmas shopping at Metrotown, my friend who just came back from Toronto (HI CINDY!), convinced me to be adventurous and try something new… in the food court. So I was like sure, I’m always up for an adventure! We settled on sharing something from Thai Food. Don’t ask me why… Basically we ended up choosing something that wasn’t even really Thai anyway. We got 3 items and noodles for $8.99. It seemed like Chinese food more than anything else but I think the sweet and sour pork caught my eye so that’s why… Anyway, we got some kind of thick noodles with sweet and sour pork, deep fried fish with some kind of sauce and squid tentacles.

IMAG0241This is what it looks like. Pretty good right? Don’t be fooled!!! First off, the sweet and sour pork was acceptable I guess. Just barely. It was sweet and sour I can live with that except their onions were really raw and bitter. The fried fish was also ok… nothing much to it. The worst was the squid!!! I’ve heard people describe it as rubbery before and I never really knew what that meant. Until now. IT WAS RUBBERY!!! I could barely chew through it and making it sweet and sour didn’t help either.

I know it was the food court and I can’t exactly expect quality food but this was really bad… I’m never going to be adventurous in the food court again. I’ll stick to burgers and fries thanks. The food there had just been sitting out for way too long and no wonder there was no line up there. I should have known!!! Or if you do decide to try it, PASS ON THE SQUID. Anyway I have learned my lesson.


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