Fable Diner-Take me Back for Milkshakes

A few years ago I went to Fable Kitchen for dinner and I was impressed with their food but it’s not a place I can visit often. I was delighted to hear that they were going to take over the space where Reno’s diner used to be and turn it into a more casual and affordable version of Fable Kitchen but with a diner feel. After trying out a free yoga class nearby, I headed over for dinner. Fable Diner is conveniently located on Main and Broadway.

FYI, the yoga class was really low level and felt more like a stretching class. It felt like I spent the whole time waiting for the “real yoga” to happen but it never did… It was my second time trying yoga and needless to say, I don’t think I burned any calories.

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Sydney Eats: Brunching at Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery

As I was researching where to eat in Sydney (because that was obviously more important than sightseeing), I noticed that they had so many more brunch places! There are cafes that are just focused on brunch and lunch and they close at night. We need more all day brunch!!! We need to start a petition!!! AHHHHHHHHHH

Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery

Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery is known for their famous Tella Ball Shakes and the Nutella one took over the internet last year. The “Tella Ball” is basically a filled doughnut. They are located on the main floor of an apartment complex. They have lots of outdoor seating available but on the day I went, it was super windy.  Read more

Nice Cafe-Cheap Diner Brunch

Nice Cafe is located on 8th and Main around the corner from the 8th and Main store. It’s very easy to miss since it’s on the side street but it’s across from 8 1/2 Restaurant and Lounge if that helps. This is the definition of a greasy diner joint. We went on a warm day but it was super stuffy inside so we opted to sit outside where it was much cooler. It was only 20 degrees or so though so I don’t know how they survive in there when it’s 30 degrees.

Nice Cafe

I wasn’t particularly hungry and I was just accompanying my friend so I ordered a Chocolate Milkshake. It came with some generic whipped cream like the kind from a can but the milkshake itself was very good! Chocolatey but not too sweet. I ended up drinking a lot more than I expected to. Read more

The New Miura Waffle Bar on Main

I was invited to the re-opening of the Miura Waffle Bar on Main and Broadway for some waffle and drink samples. Their new location looks nicer and more modern. I was also about to eat more waffles than I have in my entire life (ok not really). Miura serves American style waffle sandwiches and each has its own twist. They’ve also been featured on You Gotta Eat Here.

First they gave us some samples of their new milkshakes. The milkshakes all look the same in my photos so I won’t post them. There was a Sweet Corn and Vanilla Ice Cream Milkshake. It tasted surprisingly good because it was sweet from the ice cream and the corn also tasted sweet and gave you s0mething to chew on. There also wasn’t so much corn that it was too thick and smoothie like. Not weird at all!

The next milkshake was the G8 with lots of beans (red bean, green bean, white bean, mung bean???). It smelled a bit like sesame oil and the texture was more grainy from the beans. It was alright given that there were so many beans and I don’t really like beans but it’s not my thing. It’s suppose to be healthy though.

The last milkshake was their version of a Salted Caramel Milkshake. I liked this one too and the salted caramel flavour was mild but the bottom of my milkshake was more salty…

Miura Waffle and Milk Bar
Oops blurry picture

The sandwich on the left was the Japanese inspired Salmon Wasabi sandwich. The salmon was infused into the waffle batter. The salmon was moist and smooth almost like smoked salmon and the mayo provided the wasabi flavour. I love how their waffles are very soft and fluffy. There was just lettuce inbetween the two waffles so this was a lighter sandwich.

The one on the right is the Burger King? I think that’s what she said… It had beef, kimchi and egg. The beef was also infused into the waffle batter. This was a heavier sandwich and there was a lot more filling. As you can see from the picture this one had a darker looking waffle so it was crispier and the salmon one had a less crispy waffle. Both were good in my opinion.

Miura Waffle and Milk BarNext we had some Nori Chips. They were oily and not that flavourful. I think more salt would’ve helped. They tasted thicker and crunchier than regular seaweed but I would pass on this.

Miura Waffle and Milk BarThis was a Vietnamese inspired sandwich made with different pickled vegetables and hoisin sauce. I liked this one since it was light and I like pickled vegetables.

Miura Waffle and Milk BarI’m a huge fan of fried chicken so I was happy to see this Chicken Kaaarage waffle sandwich! The chicken was moist and tender and it was like the Japanese version of Chicken and Waffles. There was also some cabbage and thousand island dressing. I was also getting really full at this point…

Miura Waffle and Milk BarThis was one of my favourites! It was an Italian inspired sandwich with cheese, cucumbers, and tomato pesto.

Miura Waffle and Milk BarOkay I was SO FULL at this point but dessert sandwiches were next. Don’t worry I didn’t eat all of these I just had about half or half of the half… This had cranberries and whipped cream. It wasn’t particularly special so I would pass on this.

Miura Waffle and Milk Bar

Dessert round 2! This was the Banana Caramel sandwich with whipped cream. It was pretty good since it’s a pretty classic combination.

Miura Waffle and Milk BarThis was my favourite dessert sandwich. I know it doesn’t look like much in the picture. It was suppose to taste like salted caramel but the server said that it was a sweet teriyaki sauce??? There was also whipped cream and ice cream and this was delicious. Except it was also extremely messy to eat due to the melting soft serve ice cream. The teriyaki sauce does not taste like teriyaki sauce so you’ll never notice it there  but it did have that salted caramel flavour and I still wanted to eat it despite sampling their entire menu in one night!

Thanks for inviting me Miura Waffle! They do have some interesting waffle sandwich creations inspired by different cuisines and I would recommend a visit for their savoury waffles! The dessert ones aren’t too exciting but if you want something simple they’re alright. If you want to see more waffles, see my previous post.

*Food courtesy of Miura Waffle

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Godiva Chocolates: Decadent Milkshakes Are a Win

Godiva has been offering chocolate milkshakes for over a year now and I’ve always been tempted to try but they always seemed too rich and sweet. If you’ve ever been to Godiva, you will know they make delightful chocolate treats. Albeit on the pricier side compared to Purdy’s or drugstore chocolates. If you haven’t tried their truffles before, walk into a store and chances are that you will get a free sample. I noticed they had a sign outside their store notifying customers about their “Buy 5 shakes, get 1 free” deal so I took the dive and decided to get one.


They offer 6 shake flavours and all look equally delicious! I was thinking about getting the Oreo one but I get Oreo flavoured food way too often. I’m sure I knew what it tasted like already so I went for the Dark Chocolate Raspberry instead. I also thought that maybe the tartness from the raspberry syrup would offset the sweetness a bit too. I like chocolate but I don’t want to overdose on it either.

GodivaThis is definitely not your typical slushy drink. It’s made with 72% dark chocolate pieces and raspberry sauce. I asked for no whip so that left for more room for them to top up my drink with the milkshake instead! Yay! The flavour was very rich from the dark chocolate and I also found that it tasted a bit grainy because the chocolate pieces did not dissolve in the drink after being blended. That was alright with me though. It totally satisfied my sweet tooth for the day! Maybe a week if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Well actually I didn’t think they were overly sweet anyway it was just right since I ordered the dark chocolate one. I thought the raspberry syrup would be blended into the drink though and not just drizzled over it or into the cup. The flavour was still prominent enough though. It tasted exactly as they described it. They are $6 each for a 12oz sized drink which is on the expensive side. The concept is simple but they are just using high quality chocolate. For that price you can get a healthy fruit smoothie with 3-5 servings of fruit from Jugo Juice or something. But everything in moderation right? ;)

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