Waffle Gone Wild

I had previously visited Waffle Gone Wild last year and it seems like their menu has expanded since then. They were also a lot busier so our waffles took half an hour to come… good thing I wasn’t in a hurry or hangry! It was still way too long though because I think they filled this to-go order before ours…

Waffle Gone Wild

They now offer some liege waffles with pie inspired flavours (lemon perfection, homestyle apple and cinnamon etc.) as well as “Be Wild” flavours which are the green tea waffle, the mint chocolate waffle and the Japanese mochi waffle. I wasn’t too hungry so I decided to just get a waffle instead of one of their waffle creations.

This was the Mint Chocolate Waffle served with a side of whipped cream and a dusting of powdered sugar. I had imagined a green mint flavoured waffle filled with chocolate chips but what I got instead was a liege waffle with some very green mint chocolate chips instead. The waffle was crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. I did find the flavour of the mint chocolate chips to be a bit too artificially mint flavoured though. I should’ve stuck with the green tea one!

Waffle Gone Wild

This was the Japanese Okonomiyaki Waffle ($7.99) with imitation crab meat, seaweed, bonito flakes and an added poached egg ($1.50) and black forest ham ($1.50). There were also some slices of apple, cucumber and potato salad on the side. The poached egg was perfectly poached and this was a great choice for a savoury waffle due to the okonomiyaki sauce used and the combination of ingredients. However, I think that $1.50 to add a piece of ham was a bit overpriced. Since I’ve had it with the add-ons now,  I think it would be a bit plain without the poached egg …

The waffles are pretty good here and I would recommend it if you like waffles. Pricing is also not bad since some of the waffle creations start at $5.99 and they seem to have gotten more creative since my last visit. Presentation is also thoughtful.

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Lee’s Donuts

There’s a lot of cool stuff at the Granville Island Public Market and by stuff I really meant food. =) This time my friend and I tried Lee’s Donuts. It’s located by one of the entrances at the front of the market. It certainly looks a little old school but that’s how we like ’em right? Donuts cost $1.81 each and if you buy 3 you get a small discount. They had a variety of flavours like Chocolate Bavarian, Mango and Coconut Cream. They also do crepes as well.

Lee's DonutsOn the left we have the Bon Bon. This costs $2.50 I believe. It’s a light donut with chocolate icing topped with custard cream and a donut hole? Or it might be a cream puff I’m not sure actually (my friend ate that part first). I love how light and airy it was and it wasn’t too sweet either. On the right we have a Mint Chocolate donut. The icing was sweet with minty flavour and the donut was thicker than your typical Tim Hortons donut. It was denser as well but still moist and not too sweet. My favourite out of the two is probably the Bon Bon just because it wasn’t as dense.

Not a bad place to stop for donuts!

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