Cafe Salade de Fruits

My friend was celebrating her birthday at Cafe Salade de Fruits and I’ve always wanted to try it! It’s on 7th between Fir and Granville and it seems to be the only restaurant on the block. They have a small patio space on the sidewalk but the inside of the restaurant is small. We sat right next to the kitchen counter so we could see all the delicious food coming and going! I also liked how they have a large painting of TinTin and his dog on the wall.

Cafe Salade de Fruits

Started off with some warm complimentary bread! They give you pre-packaged butter and it’s buried under the pile of bread.  Continue reading →

Chewie’s Steam and Oyster Bar

So I’ve been to Chewie’s for dinner a few times now so I thought I’d do a more comprehensive post! They have a new location near Coal Harbour that just opened this year.

Also, I tried my first raw oyster last month!!! =O *gasp* yes what kind of a food blogger am I anyway? I just wasn’t interested before and it didn’t look that appealing to me but it turns out they’re not bad! Yeah I don’t know why it took me so long to try them haha Chewie’s has a buck a shuck oysters from 3-6pm everyday!

Chewie's Steam and Oyster Bar

I can’t really say much about the oysters since I’m still new to them…

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Twisted Fork Bistro-Mussel Tuesdays!

My friend and I were originally going to try Ask for Luigi to catch up but we realized they were closed on Tuesdays when we tried to make a reservation. Then I suggested Twisted Fork since I haven’t tried it yet and when we got there we realized it was Mussel Tuesdays! 1lb of mussels and fries for $8! That’s a great deal since it’s usually $16.

Twisted Fork Bistro

We received some complimentary bread with our meal and this was brought at the same time as our entrees. They gave us a generous portion for two people.

Twisted Fork Bistro

We shared the Cured BC Duck Breast with potato puree, green beans, cherry chutney and duck jus. The duck was not too salty but maybe it would be if I ate the whole plate. The potato tasted quite plain though even with the duck jus since the duck jus wasn’t that heavy. The beans were also rather bland so the duck was really the star of the show. It helped balance the flavours more.

Twisted Fork Bistro

Here are the Mussels and Fries! This was actually my first time trying mussels and fries. My family just doesn’t eat mussels much so it just never appealed to me that much. I’m really glad we ordered it though! The mussels were served with a delicious cream sauce mixed with herbs and small pieces of tomato. The sauce was the best part! The fries were also delicious and tasted really good with the sauce too. In fact the sauce was so good we used it to give the potato puree from the duck entree some flavour! I’m definitely coming back for Mussel Tuesdays! Since this is the first time I’ve had mussels and fries I don’t have anything to compare it to but it was good for my first time!

Twisted Fork Bistro

Moving on to dessert now! We also shared the Ricotta Cheesecake. It’s topped with strawberry rhubarb compote and mint and garnished with some raspberries. I love how they have the twisted fork design in the powdered sugar on the plate. Super cute. The cheesecake was quite light and the base was really soft too. The strawberry rhubarb blended in really nicely with the cheesecake.

Twisted Fork Bistro

We also shared another dessert, the Chocolate Terrine. This is a frozen dark chocolate mousse with raspberry sorbet and almond tuile. I have no idea what almond tuile is and I did not really notice it in the dessert. The chocolate was cold but not really hard and it was very smooth and dark. The tangy raspberry sorbet was needed to provide some contrast to the dessert. I can’t decide which dessert I like better! Both were good choices. Ok maybe I’m slightly biased to the chocolate terrine since it has chocolate =P

I was not disappointed with my visit! I’m going to introduce my friends to Mussel Tuesdays! Also please note if your whole party has not arrived yet they won’t seat you. We got this comfy corner at the very back and there were cushions and it was super cozy!

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