Soho Tea Room-The New Flo

To celebrate the beginning of reading break (woot!), my friend and I headed to the new Soho Tea Room. We used to live near Flo and were quite disappointed that they closed down. However, the menu for Soho Tea Room looked promising and they also had honey toast boxes too! They are currently doing a promo for honey toast boxes in light of Valentine’s day. For the price of $12-14, you can get a toast box and two drinks as well! Offer ends Feb. 21! I love the cute poster.

Bee my honey toast box promo

Unfortunately this just didn’t seem appropriate for lunch so we passed on it. =( The Tiera-I-Miss-You seems like a good drink though!

Soho Tea Room InteriorSoho Tea Room is located on Cambie and 19th right by Cafe Gloucester and within walking distance of the King Edward skytrain station. The interior was very bright and inviting and they had specials written up on the wall in chalk. When we arrived at 12pm, there were only about three tables occupied.

Malay Satay Noodle Soup

My friend loves noodle soup combos so he wanted to compare the soup combos here with Deer Garden . He ordered a Malay Satay soup base with udon, spam and beef brisket. The soup base was flavourful but not too spicy and there were a variety of veggies in it including mushrooms, tomato, bean curd and napa cabbage (siu choy). This cost $8 and does not come with a drink. Additional side dishes are available for $2. His verdict was that he liked Deer Garden better  and also it is a better deal since it comes with a drink (he’s addicted to Deer Garden so he might be biased). The portions were approximately the same size and overall it was still an enjoyable option for fish soup noodles. Now that I’m looking at their menu again, it does say that DIY fish noodle soups are part of the lunch special so drinks should be included? 

Soho tea room lunch specials

Complimentary creamy soupI ordered a teriyaki chicken fried rice which came with a creamy vegetable soup. It was a bit too thick which became more evident as it cooled down which made it really unappetizing afterwards. It had very small pieces of carrot, celery and potato in it.

cold milk tea My usual order of cold milk tea. Very standard and refreshing.

Thai Style Fried Rice I ordered a teriyaki chicken fried rice but they got my order wrong so I ended up with a Thai style fried rice. I was trying to order something different because I frequently order the Thai style fried rice but alas I was meant to be with my Thai style fried rice. I didn’t want to wait for them to make me a new order so I just ate it anyway. It was very evident that this was not teriyaki chicken fried rice due to the sweetness of the dish and the Thai chili sauce used. This had green and red peppers, egg, onions and small chunks of chicken. I found the portion to be quite big as well even though you can’t tell from this picture. The sweetness of the rice was very addicting and I ate almost all of it! Perhaps they could tone down the sweetness though because it might be overdone for other people and there were no other flavours in the dish.

Overall I was very satisfied with my visit here and will definitely come back and try their other offerings (honey toast box!). I did hear another table complain to the server that their noodles were too salty though. Most of their menu items are approximately $8-12 which is very reasonable especially since the portions are quite big and the lunch specials are a good deal too. They also have daily specials if you follow them on Twitter. 

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