International Summer Night Market 2015

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Over the weekend I was invited by ChineseBites to the International Summer Night Market (the one near IKEA). On our way there, we almost ran over a super cute bunny as it dashed across the road! Don’t worry it survived! Okay back to the night market…

My boyfriend and I arrived around 8pm and the night market was dead compared to the other night market (the duck one). There were hardly any vendors and there weren’t that many food vendors either. It was pretty sad since this was the original night market that I used to go to but I guess the competition has gotten tough.¬†On the bright side, this means literally no lines ups and no crowds. I also heard the food is a bit cheaper here and no entry fee either.

Prepare for lots of pictures!

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Richmond Night Market

Last week I visited the Richmond Night Market on the second day it opened and there was a huge crowd. There was even a brief line up to get in too. This year their theme is Magical Duck Island. I was not aware that they had themes before but this one sounded pretty cute. Upon entering, everyone is presented with a Duck Duck Game Board and if you collect stamps of the same colour from different vendors you get to spin a wheel for a prize. The new additions this year include a GIANT inflatable duck and a few carnival style game booths. They also have a Water Walkers attraction where people pay to run around on water in giant inflatable balls. However, most people end up falling 90% of the time.

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night MarketObviously the only reason I was here was for the food. After struggling to walk by all the food stalls, I settled on getting okonomiyaki since they don’t sell it everywhere and I haven’t had it in a while.

Richmond Night Market, okonomiyakiI chose the bacon and kimchi flavour and anxiously awaited for my food. It does take quite a while to cook and I waited at least 20 mins.

Richmond Night Market, okonomiyakiIt was worth the wait! I think this was pretty good for a night market stall. The batter wasn’t too thick and there was tons of cabbage and and enough bacon and kimchi. It didn’t fall apart easily either. All the okonomiyakis were also exactly the same size as the plate! A feat I wouldn’t be able to accomplish. I was super full after so you should probably share this with someone. As delicious as it was, next time I’ll try something that doesn’t take so long to cook!

Expect more food reviews from the night market in the future! Maybe I will collect enough stamps on my duck duck game board to spin the wheel XD

EDIT: Okay I’m just going to keep adding to this post about my other visits!

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market

This was a Fresh Mango and Jelly Shaved Ice. It also had tapioca and coconut milk that you can either drink with the straw or scoop with the spoon. I found this refreshing on a hot day and I love all the different textures this drink had from the jelly, mango and tapioca.

Richmond Night Market

My friends and I also shared some Deep Fried Milk. If you’ve never had it before it might sound kind of weird. It tastes like a light custard that’s semi sweet and crispy on the outside. For $5 and five tiny pieces, this wasn’t really worth it to me.

Richmond Night Market


Finally this was my favourite! SQUID! Forgot which stall this was from but there are quite a few squid stalls. A small bowl costs $6.50 and you can choose between regular, garlic, hot and spicy or satay flavoured squid. We went for the satay flavour and it was really flavourful in a greasy way. The texture of the squid was pretty good. It gave us something to chew on but it wasn’t rubbery either.

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