No. 9 Restaurant-Open 24/7!

My friend and I had just worked out and we were too lazy to walk any further from the Lansdowne skytrain station than necessary so we just decided to go to No. 9 Restaurant. I haven’t been here in years and I don’t quite remember what their food was like so I was fine with trying it out again. No. 9 Restaurant serves typical HK style food but don’t expect great quality. It’s a very casual dining space. We were seated quickly since it wasn’t very busy and the restaurant is fairly large.

I wasn’t too hungry since I had ate earlier so I ordered Toast with Peanut Butter and Condensed Milk. I didn’t wanna eat back all the calories I burned! For some reason I was expecting fluffy and soft Taiwanese thick toast but in reality I got exactly what the description said. Two pieces of thin white toast with peanut butter and condensed milk. Okay so it was $3.45 so I can live with that. However, the waitress didn’t seem too happy to be taking our orders.

No. 9 Restaurant

No. 9 RestaurantMy friend had Wontons with Noodles in Soup. You can’t go wrong with that!

No. 9 RestaurantThere were five pieces of shrimp wontons and noodles underneath. I didn’t try it but she thought it tasted standard.

Overall, nothing exciting here or we didn’t order anything exciting. The table beside us ordered some sort of fried pork and it smelled delicious! No idea what it was though. Portions can be pretty big depending on what you order so it’s good for sharing and it’s probably one of the only restaurants I know of that opens 24/7 besides McDonalds.

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