Newtown Thai-Sydney

Thai food for lunch is super cheap in Sydney! In Vancouver, I would say HK style cafes and Taiwanese cafes are considered inexpensive and there it’s Thai food. Newtown Thai is situated in the Newtown suburb and it’s very close to the University of Sydney as well.

Newtown Thai

Newtown Thai offers most of their lunch dishes for around $8-10 each and if you get a combo for $12, you also get a can of pop and a small appetizer/side dish as well.

Pictured above we have the Pad See Ew which is stir fried thick flat rice noodles with egg and Chinese broccoli. You also have a choice of protein for this and some proteins cost more than others such as seafood. Flavour wise it was pretty good but a little heavy on the soy sauce. Portion wise, for some reason it was smaller than the Pad Thai I had below.
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I’ve passed by Milestones on Broadway and Cambie a lot and it always looked nice but I’d never been inside before. Okay to be fair I haven’t been in a few years anyway. The restaurant is on the second floor and It’s actually really open and spacious inside with the usual dim lighting and many TV’s with sports games on. My friend had a gift card that she needed to use so she invited me to come along with her.


I went on a Tuesday and Original Bellini’s are 50% off! A classic, sweet girly drink for me with not much alcohol! They also have an Ultimate Bellini which is 3 ounces instead of 2. Continue reading →

Kin Kao Thai Kitchen

In my attempt to explore Commercial Drive more, I dragged my friends to Kin Kao Thai Kitchen.

Kin Kao Thai Kitchen

The restaurant was smaller than I expected but seats about 30 people. The menus are presented on a wooden clipboard and I like the wood theme they have going on for the tables and chairs. Very minimalistic. We sat by the windows so it was nice and bright too.  Continue reading →

Sawasdee Thai

It was about time that I got my hands on some Thai food which I clearly don’t eat often enough! We arrived at Sawasdee Thai for lunch and they were understaffed so we had to wait 10 mins for a table even though they had tables but they weren’t cleared and there were only two servers working.

Since we had to wait for a table, we spent our time deciding what to order. All their lunch specials are under $10 and come with a spring roll and a skewer. They are also closed for lunch on Mondays.

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Bob Likes Thai Food

I’ve been meaning to try Bob Likes Thai Food for while especially due to the funky name. Yes I’m a sucker for cool names. The restaurant was empty except for us at 1pm on a Friday afternoon and no Bob in sight of course. Bob is suppose to represent the average Joe who likes Thai food. We were about to find out if we were going to be a bunch of Bob’s that day.

Bob likes Thai Food Menu

All lunches are $9!

Bob Likes Thai Food

My friend ordered a Thai Iced Tea and it was served in this tall skinny glass. I’ve never tried Thai Iced Tea before so this was my first time. It was really good! It was comparable to HK style milk tea but a lot sweeter. The lady who served us said that they don’t use condensed milk in their version which is what is traditionally used I believe.

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U & I Thai

My co workers and I were up for some Thai food and we noticed on U Magazine that U & I Thai had a coupon for 20% off lunch and dinner items. However, when we got there, they told us that it was only for their regular menu items and it did not apply to the lunch specials.

U & I Thai

All the lunch specials are $10.

U & I ThaiAll the lunch specials come with soup. I’m not sure what soup it was but it tasted a bit tangy like tomatoes and fish sauce and it wasn’t really spicy. I was not a fan of this.

U & I Thai

This was the Authentic Pad Thai. It came with some fried wontons on the side. The tamarind sauce was really tasty and made the noodles pretty addicting. The chicken mixed in was a bit dry though. The deep fried wonton was basically the wonton skin and there wasn’t really anything in it…

U & I Thai

This was the Green Curry and you have a choice of chicken, beef or pork. It was also served with the deep fried wontons and a side salad. The salad had no dressing though so it was left untouched. Maybe you’re suppose to put the curry over it?

U & I Thai

This was the Green Papaya Salad which came with a side of sticky rice and a grilled curry chicken skewer. The chicken was also dry and tasted mildly of curry. The sticky rice was a small lump but the container was cute. It was sticky alright! Otherwise it didn’t have much flavour to it. The shredded green papaya was in a tangy vinaigrette that was very appetizing though!

There was only one waitress on the floor and I think the owner of the restaurant? The waitress was getting a bit overwhelmed though even though it wasn’t that busy. Ok besides the slightly slow service, I think I would have to come back for dinner to try their other menu items before I can rate their food. The food was ok but nothing to be excited about for lunch. Their coupon hasn’t expired yet though so go use it!

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