Tap and Barrel: False Creek

Last week I went for lunch with my co workers at the Tap and Barrel right by False Creek. It has a fantastic view of the water, Science World and BC Place Stadium on their patio. When we arrived around 1pm there was a long line but it turns out that it was for the patio. We didn’t really care where we sat as long as we were seated so we were seated relatively quickly. It was a beautiful day and it seemed like no one wanted to sit inside except us. There menu items were standard pub fare such as burgers and pizza and a couple of snacks. They also had a lot of beer of course and they said they don’t do pitchers.

Tap and Barrel I know this might sound weird to some of you… or a lot of you. But I had the PB&J Burgerย served with chipotle peanut butter and bacon jam. The peanut butter and bacon jam was actually quite tasty and smooth. On the other hand, I did not taste any chipotle or bacon though. Otherwise, the only issue I had was that the oil from the peanut butter made the burger a drippy mess and difficult to eat. However, the flavours went surprisingly well together. The sea salted fries on the side were came hot and crispy but many of the pieces I had were small and ended up being really crunchy when fried. They lacked the starchiness that fries are supposed to have. Although I enjoyed my burger despite the mess, the fries need to be improved.ย Guess what the crispy thing on top of the burger is? It’s actually a deep fried pickle! It was wonderfully crunchy and not sour at all. It was a LOT better than the deep fried pickles I had at the PNE.

Deep fried pickles

Deep fried pickles from the PNE

These were dill pickles and the batter was just really greasy and thick.

It was interesting that all the burgers were served in a shallow metal pan and covered with something similar to parchment paper. All my colleagues seemed happy with their food and the poutine burger seemed to be a hit. Despite the fact that we sat indoors, we still enjoyed the view through the open doors and large windows in every direction.

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