Lucky’s Doughnuts – Main St.

I have been going through a doughnut phase lately so I dropped by Lucky’s Doughnuts!

Lucky's Doughnuts

I managed to snag the Matcha Bismarck on my visit! I’ve seen pictures of it and boy was I excited to eat it! Matcha everything ftw! =D

Lucky's Doughnuts

The inside was filled with a glorious matcha cream and there was plenty of it too. The matcha flavour was distinct but still fairly light. Also I was surprised that there was a tart lemon flavour from the icing on the outside as well but I like lemon so that was good for me! The bright green doughnut was soft and not doughy. I totally inhaled it… =D There goes my waistline…

Lucky's Doughnuts

Also tried the Memphis Hash. I had no idea what it was but the server described it as a peanut butter cream filled doughnut with Nutella icing on top and carmelized banana slices. Sounded like a  good combination to me! There was plenty of peanut butter cream but the dough part was more dry compared to the Matcha Bismarck. The carmelized bananas were stiff on the sides from the sugar glaze so it tasted a little unusual to me but it was a fun doughnut creation that successfully united peanut butter and Nutella.

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Cold Stone Creamery-Metrotown

Helloooo! No more sunny weather this week but that doesn’t stop me from eating ice cream xD So I was going to work and I happened to be early and I remembered seeing a whole bunch of ads for the cold stone blast for $2. It was a limited time offer and I went on the last day! I got the peanut butter chocolate in the like it size? which was the $2 one.

I think this was about the size of a snack sized mcflurry on a mini sized blizzard? The consistency was sorta too liquidy it was almost like a triple thick milkshake. Or maybe even that’s thicker than this… Not that I’m really complaining since it was $2 but I probably wouldn’t get this flavour again. I’m not sure why I keep ordering peanut butter stuff but I don’t think I like peanut butter anymore :S But I feel boring sticking to Oreo which is the tried and true flavour! They also had a cookie cookie dough dough flavour (what a creative name…).

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