Green Lemongrass-Kensington

Cold chilly days means it’s a good time for pho! I saw that Green Lemongrass had pretty good reviews and it has a nice ring to it so I thought we’d give them a go. We went to their Kensington location which is in the same plaza as Dai Tung.

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Pho Thai Son-Broadway

Pho Thai Son has been around for quite a while now but I’ve actually never visited their Broadway location before. It is located right across from Kingsgate Mall. This location was quite busy during lunch time and service was quick!

Pho Thai Son

This was the Small Pho with Rare Beef and Beef Balls. The dish arrived about 3 mins after we ordered it! I guess everything was prepared already… It did not taste like there was too much msg and there was a decent amount of beef. Also it was only $6.55!

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Thai Son-Richmond

My family had a spontaneous lunch the other day and we decided to go for pho. It’s been quite a while since my last visit to Thai Son but I had always liked it. It’s located near the end of Alexandra road and Garden City. It’s near the House of Tofu Soup which I still haven’t been to . Due to its location on the second floor, you might miss it.

Thai Son Richmond When I say we’re going for pho, I usually get something without the soup. Yes I’m weird like that. This is the Grilled Skewered Pork with Spring Rolls on Vermicelli. I wanted this dish because it came with two spring rolls and my family doesn’t like ordering spring rolls. Yay more for me? The pork was cut into smaller pieces, presumably because they were skewered beforehand. It had a nice sweet taste with some slight smoky flavour. The spring rolls were perfectly hot and crunchy on the outside while the filling inside was flavourful. Of course it all went well with the sweet  sauce that came with this dish (I can drink that stuff!). There were a lot of noodles too and underneath the noodles was more lettuce and bean sprouts. Unfortunately the bean sprouts were raw and I would have liked it if they were cooked first. I like that there was some of everything in here!

Thai Son Richmond My brother had the large Pho with Rare Beef and Tripe. After looking at this picture again, I realized that there was a lot of oil floating on top… o___O I also found the broth to be too salty. Noodles were good though. My dad had the cooked beef version of this so I won’t include the picture.

Thai Son has quite a few locations now and I’m not sure if the salty broth was a one time thing but we still enjoyed our food here. Prices are fair and it’s also clean too.

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Hai Phong Vietnamese Restaurant

Slightly overdue post here haha

My friend suggested we visit her favourite Vietnamese restaurant on Kingsway near Knight street. I never really go to this area so I have no idea what’s good there but I was happy to try new places. Hai Phong was located in a small square on Kingsway and they have limited parking spaces. The interior is very clean and well lit. It was also very spacious inside. Like most restaurants, they also had two TV’s on.

PS. They have one of the nicest websites and menus ever for a Vietnamese restaurant!!! Check it out :)

IMAG0173My friend ordered this lychee drink with a bit of ice on top. There were a lot of pitless lychees inside! I tried it and it was pretty sweet and very much like those lychee jellos that come in the individual packages. The kind that always squirts juice on me when I try to open them. >=(

IMAG0174I’m a hugeeee fan of chicken wings in case you didn’t already know. So I was super tempted to order some garlic butter chicken wings. That sounds good right? However, I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was quite disappointed. These chicken wings were really small and below average. =( They also weren’t that crispy. There was definitely a prominent garlic flavour but beyond that these were just meh. Plus there weren’t even that many for the nearly $10 price tag.


IMAG0176Pho! Nobody complained about it so I assume it’ was good.

IMAG0177On the other hand, this was what I decided to order. It sounded a lot better in the description. This was lemongrass chicken with an egg. It just wasn’t that special… The chicken was very tender, moist and well seasoned though. You could taste the slightly charred meat too. I think it would have been better if there was a bit more chicken? This just felt like it was lacking something. I should have stuck with pho!!! This was a Vietnamese restaurant afterall.

IMAG0179This came with some soup with a bit of pork in it. It was alright.

IMAG0178My friend loves this Vietnamese crepe and suggested that we order it. Inside, there was some shrimp, bean sprouts and some slices of meat. It came with the usual sweet sauce commonly used for dipping spring rolls. There was also a ton of veggies on the side. She said that we were suppose to wrap the veggies in the crepe and eat it together. But I found this quite difficult to eat and share. Maybe I’m just lazy hehe plus I ignored all the veggies :P It was interesting to try it though!

Overall, I think this was a bit of an underwhelming experience for me probably because my friend said it was really great and I did not end up ordering pho but the food isn’t bad and I wouldn’t mind going again. Service was prompt as well and I like that their menu is very extensive.


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Pho Long

Had lunch with the family this weekend! We randomly decided to go for pho at my dad’s suggestion. Plus due to some other things going on it was way too late for dim sum so we went to Pho Long. I’ve never been here before and the interior looked fairly nice and clean and un-sketchy if you know what I mean. There was a big screen TV in a corner and the whole restaurant had a lot of plants decorating it as well as a huge fish tank right at the entrance. The ceiling also had some brightly colored neon light decorations.

The menu had the usual noodle soups and rice dishes but I noticed that they didn’t have any banh mi.

I ordered the BBQ chicken with a spring roll on rice and my bro go the BBQ lemon grass chicken on rice which was essentially the same thing as mine minus the spring roll.

Both our dishes also came with some “soup” which essentially tasted about the same as the usual pho broth. We also got some sweet sauce for dipping the spring roll and for the salad and whatever else you want to use it for.

Ok for $7.60 this was a very generous portion of chicken and rice! I really like the chicken and the sauce they used for it. It didn’t really taste like BBQ sauce but it was more sweet. The spring roll had a lot of meat filling along with some carrot bits and the skin was crispy. I was also happy there were pickled carrots and daikon on the side! I love pickled stuff and I haven’t had those in a while.

Here is the non-spring roll version! It had more chicken so this looks like the better deal and it was $0.75 less too. Get this if you don’t care much for spring rolls.

(there was another sprig of basil? but my mom took it already)

This was my mom’s and I think it had beef tripe, beef tendon, beef brisket and well done beef flank. I thought the well done flank was a bit too well done but otherwise it was good.

This was rare beef, beef tendon, beef brisket, and beef tripe. My parents commented that the broth was not too salty so they were quite pleased with that. By the way these were pretty cheap too! A small was $5.95 and a large was $6.85! Both of these were larges.

The usual sauces and condiments. This was from another table and some of the condiments at our table didn’t have lids on them for some reason… o__O so that would be my only complaint. The meal was definitely cheap!

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