Pi Day at The Pie Shoppe

Last Friday was Pi Day as in 3.14! Of course this was a great reason to go eat some pie! We pre-ordered a Blueberry pie with cinnamon from The Pie Shoppe in Chinatown. All pies are 10″ ($20-30) or you can buy them by the slice.

The Pie ShoppeOn their website menu it says that it’s Blueberry with Cinnamon but on their store menu it says Blueberry with vanilla bean so I’m not sure which it was… I actually did not notice any cinnamon or vanilla bean though hahaha so maybe it was just blueberry??? Anyway there were actually whole blueberries inside and a lot of them!!! I was surprised that there were so many and it wasn’t overly sweet and tasted fresh. This is a good pie if you’re not into sweets and the crust was nice and buttery.

The Pie Shoppe

While we were picking up the pie, we also noticed a smaller Chocolate Pecan pie so I decided to split that with another friend. This was also gluten free and it was meant for two people. There was a lot of caramel/toffee like bits for the bottom layer of the pie and it got stuck to my teeth so that was inconvenient and it was a bit too sweet. Also the chocolate part was just a large dollop in the middle of the pie and I would’ve liked it better if the pecans were more dispersed in the pie.

The Pie ShoppeHere’s a cross-section (excuse my dirty plate and fork). It looked better than it tasted but overall it was alright. I just expected something different since I’ve made a chocolate pecan pie before.

I don’t eat a lot of pie but the pie here satisfied my pie cravings and the shop is super tiny and very easy to miss on Gore St. If you want to order a whole pie make sure you call ahead! The fruit pies are good choices. Check out their menu here.
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