Pinkberry! and other food court eats

Due to some confusion at Quiznos they said my coupon for BOGO didn’t work! :( I was sure the date 5/6/2012 meant June 5 2012 since it’s usually dd/mm/yyyy right??? and I checked before hand too. >.> oh well so they denied me that and I ended up at Pinkberry instead. I’ve been meaning to try it anyway since they opened at Metrotown.

I got the small chocolate froyo with toppings for about $6.50 or so. For the toppings I picked dark chocolate crisps, coffee crunch bits, brownie bites and mochi.

Compared to Qoola’s chocolate froyo, this had more of a richer more chocolatey flavour. The coffee crunch pieces felt too big and chunky compared to my other toppings. I liked the dark chocolate crisps though! They were like crunchy chocolate balls. They also had some toppings that you needed to pay extra for. Overall I think I’d still go to Qoola just because of the price difference and I do like choosing my own toppings too. They did offer me a stamp card though so maaaybe I’ll go back sometime when I feel like splurging on frozen yogurt.

Arby’s Curly Fries! The only thing I’ll ever get there! (and maybe the only reason they’re still in business)

Little Monk’s Prezel balls!!! First time trying this. I got the cinnamon sugar flavour and they were warm and slightly chewy and sweet. ^___^ There were a couple more than the picture suggests since I forgot to take one right away. I’ll probably get these again sometime! I almost never eat pretzels so it’s a nice change. They seem to have a lot of flavours too like parmesan cheese, sour cream and onion and chocolate.

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