Chen’s Shanghai Kitchen

Chen’s Shanghai Kitchen is located in a plaza on Park Road just across from Richmond Centre. It’s hard to find parking in the parking lot during peak hours though since there are a few restaurants that share the parking lot.

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen

I’ve heard a lot about their XLB’s so that was a must order item. Thankfully they lived up to the hype with a nice thin skin, smooth pork and lots of juice inside! I’m generally not too picky about XLB anyway. They’re almost always good. Continue reading →

Specialty Chicken and Wonton House

Specialty Chicken and Wonton House is located in the same plaza as Price Smart on No. 3 Road. Their previous location was closer to the Price Smart end but they have moved to the White Spot end a while ago. Most of the dinner items are around $12-15 so it’s pretty budget friendly for dinner. If you order more than 2 dishes, you get complimentary soup and rice! I didn’t take a picture of the soup though. It tasted quite watered down and mostly salty with not much flavour going on. It was free though so can’t have high expectations. On the other hand, I have had free soup that did taste much better…

Specialty Chicken and Wonton House

This was the Braised Beef Brisket with bean curd and some siu choy on the bottom. The meat was tender but I thought maybe the sauce could be a bit thicker?

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