Fable Diner-Take me Back for Milkshakes

A few years ago I went to Fable Kitchen for dinner and I was impressed with their food but it’s not a place I can visit often. I was delighted to hear that they were going to take over the space where Reno’s diner used to be and turn it into a more casual and affordable version of Fable Kitchen but with a diner feel. After trying out a free yoga class nearby, I headed over for dinner. Fable Diner is conveniently located on Main and Broadway.

FYI, the yoga class was really low level and felt more like a stretching class. It felt like I spent the whole time waiting for the “real yoga” to happen but it never did… It was my second time trying yoga and needless to say, I don’t think I burned any calories.

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Fliptop Filipino Fusion

I’ve always been curious about Fliptop Filipino Fusion’s food (look at that alliteration!). Their brightly decorated purple graffiti truck is bound to turn heads. They are usually parked next to Whole Food’s on Cambie and 8th on Wednesdays so that was where I was headed for lunch last week! They serve some sandwiches, lumpia (Filipino springroll) and also rice bowls.

Fliptop Filipino FusionBehold this majestic sandwich! I had the Pulled Pork Sandwich with their signature BBQ sauce topped with Achara (a pickle made from grated papaya according to Google), roasted garlic aioli and crispy leeks. This was served on a Pandesal which is a Filipino sweet bun.

The pile of crispy leeks was nicely seasoned and it was akin to eating onion rings but in small strips. Ok that’s the best comparison I could come up with but they really made this sandwich stand out more. The pulled pork is buried at the bottom and the BBQ sauce was sweet with a slight tang to it. I appreciated the fact that there was enough BBQ sauce but the sandwich wasn’t too wet. I decided to eat this as a deconstructed sandwich so I could eat all the crispy leeks first (and not get my hands dirty)! There probably could have been more pulled pork and less crispy leeks so that it would be more balanced.

Their other sandwiches such as the Thrilla in Manila are a bit pricier at $12 but look really good too so maybe I’ll give it a go one day.

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White Spot- Richmond Centre

So I haven’t been to White Spot in ages and it’s not one of my go-to restaurants but I felt like having burgers and fries plus we went to the Richmond Centre location where I conveniently needed to do some last minute Christmas shopping. We were seated in a comfy booth right away despite the restaurant being quite busy on Christmas Eve. It was 1:30pm and there were still a lot of people. I remember reading about their burger guest stars which included a peanut butter, bacon jalapeno burger and it did sound like an interesting combination but once again, I was drawn away by my pulled pork addiction.

IMAG0262Okay I know it doesn’t look like much but it was really good!!! The bread which was suppose to be panini bread was incredibly soft. There was just the right amount of pulled pork, cheese and onions although some people might prefer more value wise. I know some places have coleslaw in it but this sandwich didn’t which was fine with me. Instead I think they had a some cabbage? It wasn’t too dry or overly drenched in BBQ sauce either. It also didn’t drip too much as I was trying to eat it. I actually ate all of this (which is saying a lot for me)!!! The Caesar salad was also up to par. You really can’t screw up salad!

IMAG0263Close up! The bun was reaaaally soft!!!

IMAG0261My friend had the Monty Mushroom Poutine in an appetizer size. It was loaded with bacon, mushrooms, Jack cheese and gravy. I wish the fries had been crispier though and it could have used a bit more cheese too. But overall it was good enough.

I was quite happy with the pulled pork sandwich and the speed of service so maybe I will be visiting White Spot more and they have plenty of locations in the Lower Mainland. The portion sizes and pricing is pretty good too.


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Burgoo Bistro

So before school started (yes this is a really overdue post), my friend and I visted Burgoo on Main street. I’ve heard a lot about their comfort food so it was nice to finally be able to try it! The location wasn’t as big as I expected but it was nice and cozy looking. They also had a big outdoor seating space though.

The bar area. It was Monday and they had Mojitos on special so we decided to share one.

This was pretty good, they put a lot of mint leaves in it!

Since we were sharing, we decided to get a Caesar salad. The portion was quite big for the $8 and they piled on a LOT of cheese! It as also light with the perfect amount of dressing.

We also shared a soup and sandwich combo. This is the Italian Wedding soup. I don’t think I’ve really had this before there was a lot of minced meat pieces at the bottom. It was also a bit spicy which I did like. Not really my kind of soup though but the portion was quite large for a soup.

Terrible picture of the pulled pork sandwich. Just had to get this even though I’ve spent my whole summer eating pulled pork sandwiches… As you can tell, there was a lot of coleslaw and it was fairly big and came with extra BBQ sauce too. I didn’t add the sauce because it was messy enough to eat already but maybe a bit more sauce would have been good. There was ample pork though! I enjoyed it but it wasn’t the best one ever.

Our bill came in this cute dim sum container :)

Overall it was a nice meal and service was friendly but I’d like to try more of their other dishes sometime since we didn’t order anything special this time.


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