Bao Down Snack Bar

I came across a photo of Bao Down Snack Bar’s chicken and waffles and rounded up my co workers to go for lunch even though it was a bit of a walk from our office. They don’t have the chicken and waffles for lunch but they did have a similar fried chicken dish.

Bao Down Snack Bar

Bao Down Snack Bar is the third restaurant that spawned from their first venture in Gastown and actually, this location is literally around the corner from the first location! Lunch hours start at 12pm and we were their first customers. It wasn’t busy at all when I was there but they do take reservations. Continue reading →

Chachi’s-Sandwich Mania!

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Sherman (Sherman’s Food Adventures) was organizing a tasting for Chachi’s at Metrotown and kindly invited me to come along. =)

Chachi's Metrotown

Chachi’s is a chain restaurant from Calgary and the Metrotown location is their first location in BC. They are located in the food court and the sandwiches are better than expected considering that they’re in the food court! Keep reading to find out which ones were my favourite! Continue reading →

Sue’s Jerky

When I was at EAT! Vancouver this year, I discovered the Sue’s Jerky stall and boy was it amazing! I tried every flavour… multiple times. But I did end up buying one! They’re also locally made in Richmond!

Sue's JerkyI got the Slow Roasted Pulled Pork flavour and it was slightly sweet and not too chewy. The pulled pork is quite shredded too and I find that their jerky is softer? I wish the packs were bigger! I could’ve had two of these packs. They’re about 40g each. All the flavours were good and I hope to see them around somewhere. It’s just different from the jerky I usually see around (like BKH or the kind at the checkout counter in grocery stores).

I’m not sure where you can buy them except online through their website?


Fliptop Filipino Fusion

I’ve always been curious about Fliptop Filipino Fusion’s food (look at that alliteration!). Their brightly decorated purple graffiti truck is bound to turn heads. They are usually parked next to Whole Food’s on Cambie and 8th on Wednesdays so that was where I was headed for lunch last week! They serve some sandwiches, lumpia (Filipino springroll) and also rice bowls.

Fliptop Filipino FusionBehold this majestic sandwich! I had the Pulled Pork Sandwich with their signature BBQ sauce topped with Achara (a pickle made from grated papaya according to Google), roasted garlic aioli and crispy leeks. This was served on a Pandesal which is a Filipino sweet bun.

The pile of crispy leeks was nicely seasoned and it was akin to eating onion rings but in small strips. Ok that’s the best comparison I could come up with but they really made this sandwich stand out more. The pulled pork is buried at the bottom and the BBQ sauce was sweet with a slight tang to it. I appreciated the fact that there was enough BBQ sauce but the sandwich wasn’t too wet. I decided to eat this as a deconstructed sandwich so I could eat all the crispy leeks first (and not get my hands dirty)! There probably could have been more pulled pork and less crispy leeks so that it would be more balanced.

Their other sandwiches such as the Thrilla in Manila are a bit pricier at $12 but look really good too so maybe I’ll give it a go one day.

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Feeling Conflicted about the Noodle Box

The Noodle Box opened up a new location on Main and Broadway this year and I had always been curious about it. They serve Asian inspired noodles and I chose the Spicy Peanut Noodles to-go. With each noodle bowl you have a choice of protein: Rossdown Chicken, Beef, Pulled Pork or Organic Tofu. I went with the pulled pork.

The Noodle Box

It came in a cute take out container! The container says it can hold 30oz of food. When the noodles are served in a bowl at the restaurant the portion looks bigger but the box was pretty filling for me and I assume they would give you the same amount of food even though it looks like it’s less.

The Noodle Box

The food was ready really fast. This is what it looks like when you open it. Everything is really packed in and there were lots of peanuts on top!

The Noodle Box

The noodles are stir fried with bean sprouts, peppers, green onion, cilantro, peanuts and mixed with an Indonesian peanut sauce. You can choose your level of spiciness too and it ranges from mild to scorching hot. I picked medium and it was spicy enough for me especially since the noodles are hot it made it seem spicier. The peanut sauce was quite creamy and thick and I appreciated that they were a decent amount of veggies in  here. The pulled pork was less noticeable since it sort of melted down? I think picking chicken or beef would be better.

The only thing I didn’t like was the price. This was $12.50 and for a fast food place, I feel like I could’ve gone somewhere else for authentic Asian food with service for the same price or less. Especially since we have lots of Asian food in Vancouver! I liked the spicy peanut flavour and it was a filling meal but I’m not in a hurry to come back.

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Poutine at Frenchie’s

Frenchie’s has a new location on Main and Broadway now and my co workers and I decided to hit it up on Friday. The interior has a bar and lots of interesting paintings. Unfortunately I can’t describe the paint style for you. The menu consists of poutine, sandwiches and Montreal smoked meat sandwiches. Some of the poutines come in either small or medium or large and some only come in medium. There’s a warning on the menu that says they’re not responsible for your addiction to their poutine haha

Frenchie's Poutine

This was the 6oz Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich and it came with a side of coleslaw. The meat was shaved very thin and wasn’t too salty. Their smoked meat is brought in from Montreal. The coleslaw was very lightly dressed and I think it could’ve used a bit more dressing.

Frenchie's Poutine

This was the medium sized Smoked Meat Poutine and it was huge!!! Seriously if this is medium, I don’t want to know how big a large is…

Frenchie's Poutine

This was the small Classic Poutine. Can’t go wrong with the classic! It was also only $6.

Frenchie's Poutine

This was the Pulled Pork Poutine with lots of tender slow cooked pork on top. The gravy was really good and there were also some onions in here as well as squeaky cheese curds.

Some of their more meat heavy poutine creations (steak poutine, pepperoni poutine, meat lovers poutine) can get expensive but then again they are huge so you get your bang for your buck. Our poutine cravings have been satisfied for quite a while now!

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Smokes Poutinerie: Holy Smokes!

Now I’m not a huge poutine fanatic but I do enjoy eating them like everyone else who loves fries. I was excited to try Smokes Poutinerie when I heard that we were getting out first location here in Vancouver. Their store is located on Granville St. next to Harvey’s and when I walked in with a friend for lunch it was empty. Maybe the location isn’t the most obvious since it’s easy to miss.

Smoke's Poutinerie

All their poutines are $7.99 and they have a lot of toppings like steak and pulled pork and chicken etc. I noticed that the Pulled Pork, Double Pork and Triple Pork were all the same price! Being the pulled pork fan than I am, I decided we had to get the Triple Pork! This includes Chipotle pulled pork, double smoked bacon and Italian sausage. Do you feel your arteries clogging yet?

Smoke's Poutinerie

We were NOT expecting this mountain of toppings! O.O We couldn’t even see the fries… The pulled pork had a mild sweet flavour to it and then everything else was just salty. Since there was a lot of toppings the fries underneath got a soggy and we had to get through the pile of meat before we could see the fries. There were plenty of squeaky cheese curds though! This was just one enormous portion and I don’t think I could’ve finished it by myself. At least it looks like you get your bang for your buck.

Smokes PoutinerieThankfully we also got a Pop Shoppe rootbeer to wash away the saltiness!

I liked that they had a variety of toppings but I also didn’t like the soggy fries. It would probably still be satisfying if you had a massive craving though.

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Rumpus Room- Deep Fried Mars Bar Anyone?

I saw the menu for Rumpus Room and it had some cheap eats on it but the best part was that they also offered deep fried Mars bars and deep fried oreos and also we can’t forget the deep fried cheesecake! Okay this may sound gross to you if you’ve never tried it but it’s actually really good! I met up with a friend here for lunch and I found the decor extremely quirky and weird but it added an interesting touch to the restaurant. It definitely stood out from other neighbourhood restaurants. Especially when you see the pink plastic flamingos adorning their patio area. The patio area also had brightly coloured plastic chairs as well.

Rumpus Room

Hello Mr. Pig with the mustache! x)

Rumpus Room Now I admit this is not the type of restaurant I would usually frequent but hey I’m a food blogger now so I will stop judging! Is this place considered hipster?

Rumpus Room, Deep Fried Mars Bar

Okay I just HAD to get the Deep Fried Mars Bar despite whatever dieting plans I had. This was $6 and even came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream with sprinkles on the side. I think it’s the same price at the night market but minus the ice cream.

Rumpus Room , Deep Fried Mars BarThe rich gooeyness of the Mars bar oozed out of the batter and it was absolutely delicious with the side of ice cream. Don’t worry I shared! I was actually never a big fan of Mars bars before. They tasted alright and they were chocolatey but I had other favourites. Now that I’ve had them deep fried I have a new found respect for them.

Rumpus Room Their menu had a lot of cheap diner food that I wanted to try like chicken and waffles. They also serve breakfast till 4pm. After much internal debate, I ordered a BLT sandwich with sourdough bread. The Rumpus Room offers a huge variety of sides and they said you can have a waffle with anything! I needed a healthy side though so I went with coleslaw which I haven’t had in a long time. Their coleslaw was the usual mix of cabbage with a minimal amount of dressing which convinced me it was healthier than usual right? The sandwich was very basic and nothing special. I found the bread to be too hard and crunchy though. At $7 it was still a good deal.

IMAG0883My friend had the Pulled Pork Burger with a side of coleslaw. The pulled pork was fabulous! The pork was extremely juicy and tender but they could have used less BBQ sauce. The amount of pulled pork that gave you was great though! Mmm I’m still not over my pulled pork phase. This was much better than my boring BLT except it cost more of course.

Rumpus Room is the place to go for deep fried stuff! I don’t know where I can get a deep fried Mars bar anywhere else. The service was also very friendly and attentive. I wouldn’t mind coming back. The decor is really random though and it’s probably been like that for 30 years…

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Catch 122 Bistro

This place is really close to the 135 bus stop on Cambie! Super convenient for me! I read a couple of good reviews before going so I was just like


I love that the menu was on a little corkboard! It was pretty cute and innovative.

Ok so the menu was not that extensive and we were coming just for lunch so we settled for some sandwiches.

I got the pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich! :) I have a thing for pulled pork right now. <3 (well who doesn’t right?) You get a choice of either soup of the day, salad or pomme frites. Of course I got fries I mean I did consider salad … but nahhhh. x) THIS WAS REALLY GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D So good I was too busy eating to notice what was really in it haha but basically there was pulled pork and the cheese was drippy and the whole thing was messy to eat. BUT IT WAS GOOD! Ok so on their website it says that it has Catch 122 special BBQ sauce, caramelized red onion, coleslaw, Havarti cheese, grilled panini. Sounds about right!

Here is another bad picture because I was trying to hold my phone at a funny angle while taking the picture and trying to not get it dirty because my hands were dirty. ^^” They also have a non grilled cheese version too. This cost $12. Oh and the fries were thick cut and nicely seasons with salt and pepper and garnished with a cherry tomato.

This was my friend’s British Style Roast Beef Sandwich (Slow roasted beef chuck roll, sauté mushroom, Swiss cheese, horseradish cream, grilled panini) with some sort of asparagus soup. I like my sandwich better! ^___^ Did not try the soup though because he insisted he was still sick. >.>

The bill came on this little wooden puzzle piece! This was a very nice lunch not sure if I will be back though since I’m hardly ever in this area. They also serve some pastries and coffee too.


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