Yah-Yah-Ya Ramen

I don’t think Richmond has many ramen places so it was nice that they opened one in Union Square beside Supermarket 2000. They had booth seats on one side of the restaurant! That’s rare for a ramen restaurant. The other side was more cramped though with some small tables right beside each other. If I was any fatter it’d be difficult to squeeze in to the seat on the wall side of the table.

Yah-Yah-Ya Ramen

We had a Seaweed Salad as an appetizer. It was crunchy and had a nice sesame flavour. I should learn to make this myself.

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Taishoken Ramen

For our weekly Friday lunch last week we decided to try Taishoken Ramen near Tinseltown. Fortunately we got a table pretty quickly but they said that they only had 2 types of ramen left… It wasn’t even 1pm yet! Anyway the two they had left were tomato ramen and the tsuke-men. We were here for the tsuke-men anyway so that was fine for us. They also have a special version of the ramen where you can get a soft boiled egg added to it and I’m not sure what else was special about it.Their ramen comes in either a regular size or a large size.

Taishoken Ramen

The ramen noodles are served cold and were quite chewy but in a good way. The broth was served on the side and although the portion looks small, it was very concentrated and full of rich fatty flavour. I opted for the pork shoulder and pork belly since I couldn’t decide so the waitress said I can actually get some of both. There was 2 slices of pork shoulder and 2 slices of pork belly and it was actually a lot of meat! The pork belly was mostly fat while the pork shoulder was lean meat but it was on the chewy side. Since the meat was in the broth, it soaked up a lot of the flavours from the broth. Besides the pork and egg, there were just some bamboo shoots and green onion.

So if you didn’t know already, you’re suppose to take some of the noodles and dip it in the broth. This was my first time trying this kind of ramen so I can’t compare it to anything. I thought that the broth could’ve been hotter? Or I’m just not used to eating cold noodles. The portion here doesn’t look that big but it was soooooo filling!!! My friend and I only finished half so in hindsight we should’ve just shared one. It’s good if you can eat a lot though! Also, we tried to pack it up to go but they said they didn’t have any take out containers so we felt like we wasted a lot of food. =(

I wouldn’t mind going back to try their other dishes and they seem pretty big too! Price wise it’s about the same as other ramen joints. They are known for their dipping ramen though so you should give it a try! Gyozas will be on the menu soon.

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Menya Japanese Noodle

On an impromtu lunch, we had no idea where we were going so we ended up driving by Menya Japanese Noodle and I was just like ok let’s try it. The interior was actually more spacious than I expected and definitely more spacious than a lot of other ramen joints which was nice. Their stools were also shaped like tree stumps. The menu was also more extensive than other ramen restaurants and included yakisoba and bento boxes.

Menya Japanese Noodle

My friend decided to order the Oyako Don which was mixed with some snow peas and came with a side salad. There wasn’t that much chicken and it was chopped up pieces of chicken too. The egg part didn’t look very appetizing… rice seemed a bit hard… I was expecting something better looking but it does look close to the image they have on their menu.

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New Ramen Joint: Ramen Koika

Vancouver has quite a few ramen restaurants now but there’s always room for more right? Ramen Koika has opened on Davie and Bute St. and they just had their grand opening last week. I went while they still had their soft opening special where every bowl was only $6 with tax included! What a steal!

Ramen KoikaThis was the Cheese Smile Ramen with a light miso flavoured broth, shredded pork, corn, bamboo shoots and mozzarella cheese. My friend also added a side of soft boiled egg. The broth did have a nice light flavour but I only had one sip so I’m not sure about how heavy it would taste after all the cheese!

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Kintaro Ramen

I’m not crazy about ramen but it is pretty good on a cold day! On another lunch trip with my co workers I finally got to try Kintaro Ramen which is like the original ramen shop in Vancouver! Stepping into the restaurant we could already feel the heat from their open kitchen and luckily we didn’t have to wait too long although we did have to split our group of 4 into 2 groups of 2 due to limited seating.

Kintaro RamenMy friend had the Cheese Ramen and I think it had a Miso soup base? Basically the cheese was some mozzarella that was sprinkled on top and there was also another slice of it too. You also get to choose lean or fatty cha siu here. Her’s was lean. This was a little more expensive because of the cheese but if you like cheese this is highly recommended!

Kintaro RamenI always order something spicy so naturally I picked the Spicy Garlic Ramen with fatty cha siu and a medium broth. That ball on top of the pork that you see is actually the garlic! This did not occur to me until I tried to take a bite out of it and promptly had to drink copious amounts of water. @___@ The noodles were al dente and the broth was indeed spicy. In fact I hardly noticed the garlic taste till afterwards. Since I ordered the medium rich broth, I began to see the oil and fat coagulating on top as the soup cooled down which was slightly disturbing. The cha siu was super soft and tender though since I got the fatty option. Unfortunately this also gave you garlic breath after so be sure to take some of those mints they offer you at the end of your meal! I think I liked the spicy ramen I had at Ramen Jinya better.

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Ramen Jinya

My coworkers and I went for lunch at Ramen Jinya. It’s across from the public library downtown on Robson. I had previously never heard of it before so I was interested in giving it a try when my coworkers mentioned it. I also noticed there’s a lot of small restaurants on that strip of Robson too. There was a small lineup outside during lunch hours and you can just put your name on a list and wait for them to call you. The interior wasn’t that big but it was well lit from the large windows at the front. They had ramen with either a pork broth or a chicken broth. I chose the Tonkotsu Spicy Ramen and you can choose your spiciness level from mild, spicy or hot. I picked spicy.

Ramen Jinya I actually really liked this! It was the right level of spiciness for me and the broth tasted rich and delicious. I think it’s also because it was salty too. The noodles were al dente and the pieces of tonkotsu were fatty and chopped up into small pieces. I wanted to keep drinking the broth but I knew it was probably super fattening and oily. They also have the Tonkotsu Red Ramen where you can choose your spiciness level from 1-10 and I heard 5 was pretty spicy already. I definitely would come back to try their Red Ramen or Black Ramen. I always thought that ramen joints were on the other end of Robson but I guess not! My only issue was that we were seated on these high bar like stools and there was no where to put my jacket or bag…  Also, they do have a minimum charge of $9.75 per person.

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Tokyo Joe’s Ramen Okawari

After getting the most exercise (badminton) that I’ve gotten since who knows when, we went for food! It’s now totally justifiable to stuff my face right? At first we were going to go to Tokyo Joe’s but it was 8:30pm by the time we got there and they close at 9pm so they suggested that we go across the street to their other ramen restaurant and they told us it was the same chef? So we decided to try it since I’ve been meaning to try it anyway. When we got there it was really empty. I guess because it was waaay past dinner time now. It looked quite nice inside and must less like a hole in the wall compared to Tokyo Joe’s. Now onto the food!

Tako Wasa? This was the first time that I’ve tried this. The texture was interesting, a bit slimey actually and then you get the wasabi flavour after. I think I liked it?

I think this was a chicken teriyaki don. Did not try it but the portion looked quite big and there was ample sauce. I need sauce so I approve.

My beef yakisoba! This was a pretty big plate of noodles! Very oishiii :) Oh and lots of veggies too. I have a thing for cabbage…

3 pieces of tempura. Part of my friend’s ramen combo.

California roll! Part of another ramen combo.

Original ramen? Okawari ramen? Something like that. I think with the combos the bowl of ramen is a bit smaller.

Rainbow Roll. Nicely presented with the usual ingredients and it was pretty good.

THE SEXY ROLL. We had no idea what would be in this since there was no description available. It turned out to be filled with spicy tuna and topped with grilled salmon and some chopped scallop. And some kind of sauce (looks like there’s a heart in the sauce!). Ok this was pretty interesting and I did like it but it wasn’t like amaaaazing you know? It did provide some interesting texture contrast with the cooked salmon and then the raw tuna inside. I think I’m not used to having cooked stuff on a roll! Someone did complain that there was too much mayo too. 

Some nigiri sushi that my friend ordered. This was squid, tuna and tako.

Last but not least! The deluxe sashimi set! I think this had wild salmon, salmon, tuna, toro, ebi, hamachi, tako and hokkigai? It was really fresh and we all enjoyed it. This was $30 for 20 pieces? It was also nice that it was on a boat. I mean who doesn’t like boats ?

I did like it here since they seemed to have some of everything but if you just want rolls then you can go to Tokyo Joe’s Sushi Factory across the street. One more thing! I like their ginger because it seemed sweeter than usual for some reason.

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