Joey’s Broadway

My friend decided to have her birthday dinner at Joey’s and I remember a few years ago I also had my birthday dinner here too and it was alright. Apparently they only take 20% reservations and the rest of the space is for walk in customers.

Joey's BroadwayWe started off by sharing some Yam Fries with Truffle Lemon Aioli and grated Grana Padano cheese on top. The fries were good but the acidity from the lemon aioli just didn’t go well with the yam fries but it sounds good in theory. The presentation on the wire basket as also cute.

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Hog Shack Cook House: Meat & More Meat

It’s officially summer and who doesn’t love a good BBQ right? Succulent  meat slathered in a tangy BBQ sauce sounds like a great meal to me unless you’re vegetarian of course. My friend and I went all the way out to Steveston to try Hog Shack Cook House. I was pretty excited but I can’t eat that much so we tried not to over do the ordering which sometimes happens when I’m around x)

Hog Shack Cook House From reading other food blogs, I had heard about their famous Burnt Ends that aren’t featured on the menu so of course I had to ask for it. Luckily they did have some left! Yay! I feel like an insider hahaha These are actually the ends of the beef brisket that they recook for some extra flavour. They were super tender and soft and fell apart easily. Super delicious! All the entrees also come with two sides and we chose sauteed veggies and potato wedges. The veggies were nicely seasoned and cooked but the potato wedges were not a good idea since they were pretty big and very filling. We should have got more fries instead. They also offer the burnt ends in an appetizer side aka without the sides.

Hog Shack Cook House

Hog Shack Cook HouseWhat else did we get? Ribs of course! Hog Shack St. Louis Style Side Ribs to be exact. I asked the waitress what the difference between the baby back ribs and the St. Louis ribs was and she said that the baby back ribs were more tender while the St. Louis had more meat so we went with the latter. We ordered a half rack and it had six ribs and they did have a good amount of meat. Also they didn’t slather it with too much BBQ sauce either. For our sides we had coleslaw and yam fries with a garlic aioli dip. The yam fries were pretty good but the dip was average and didn’t taste like much. Or maybe I just had too much BBQ sauce so I couldn’t tell. The coleslaw was a bit limp so the veggies didn’t seem as fresh and crunchy.

If you’re going to Hog Shack Cook House, remember to ask for the burnt ends! Don’t be shy! Although at this rate they won’t be a secret menu item for long… Or you can also get their beef brisket. I thought the ribs were pretty solid but I ain’t no BBQ expert. If you’re not interested in ribs, they also have burgers and a variety of appetizers.

Have a great long weekend!

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