Torafuku-Presentation on Point

The owners of food truck Le Tigre finally opened up a brick and mortar location last summer and it received a lot of buzz. I finally had the chance to check it out in the up and coming neighbourhood near the edge of Chinatown. I had heard about how busy they were so I made sure to go super early. The day I went was dreary and rainy so I was actually their first customer! I’m just an eager beaver when it comes to food.


The plate was a really artsy looking piece of wood. Continue reading →

Shishinori for Lunch Again

On another visit to Shishinori, I tried their Spicy Chicken Chashu bowl. You can also get it non-spicy but I love all things spicy so I got that instead. I believe it was an additional $0.75? We really liked their food on our first visit so we had to come back! Also, it’s a healthier option!


As usual the plating was excellent. The chicken was soooo smooooth!!! I have no idea how they get it so smooth. Also it was interesting that they cut it into circular pieces. As for the spicy sauce, it was indeed spicy! You will feel it burn your tongue a bit after a while. The salad on the side had no dressing though so it was difficult to eat. =/ They should really provide some! The marinated egg was ok, not particularly outstanding to me but very soft as well.


On yet another separate occasion, I grabbed some green tea ice cream ($3). It came in a pretty small container despite the picture here (sorry I’m obviously not a photographer). I’m not sure why but I expected more! I think they give you more at Mazazu Crepe in Aberdeen. The ice cream was sprinkled with some green tea powder and topped with a star shaped ginger cookie. The cookie was burnt so it was not that enjoyable. Ice cream was good though! I’m still waiting to get their green tea parfait.

Read about my first visit here.

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Lunch at Guu Garden

My coworkers and I were going to go to Gyu-Kaku for lunch but there was a surprisingly long line up on Friday. So we just went upstairs to Guu Garden where it was pretty much empty in comparison. We just ordered from their lunch special menu which had items ranging from $9-15. The pricier sets include a salad and miso soup. Their regular menu is actually pretty small too.

Guu GardenI had the Chicken Karaage Rice Bowl (not sure if that’s what it’s really called). There was some cabbage underneath the large juicy pieces of chicken but they added way too much mayo! I just ended up mixing it in with my rice and I felt fat afterwards. Still good though! This was $9 and quite filling for me.

Guu Garden This was the Pork Katsu Don with an egg I believe. I tried a piece and it was really moist yet crunchy on the outside but I still prefer my chicken minus the mayo x)

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