Double Double Restaurant-Chinese Donuts

I must admit that I don’t eat a lot of Chinese donut. Not that I don’t like it but my family was never really into it but I’ve had it a few more times lately and I’m digging it. I’ve come across Double Double Restaurant before on Instagram but I never really knew where it was. While looking for some Sunday family lunch options, I decided to figure out where it was and go.

Double Double RestaurantDouble Double Restaurant is located in the plaza next to Parker Place (not the Aberdeen side, the other side). We went around 1pm and got a table right away as a lot of people were leaving at that time. The turnover rate is pretty fast. Continue reading →

Aberdeen Food Court-Leung Kee

I haven’t been to the Aberdeen food court in a long time and it’s as busy as ever! I was craving some Chinese comfort food because it’s bulking season and I have my eyes set on carbs!

Leung Kee-Aberdeen Food Court

This time I hit up Leung Kee which offers great HK style food for a great price! They offer all the classic HK style cafe dishes that you can think of. The line here was almost as long as Bubble Waffle Cafe.

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Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant

Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant has taken over the spot where South Ocean used to be. I remember I used to go to South Ocean quite a bit when I was younger. The restaurant has been re-decorated to give it a more high end feel.

Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant

First off, we had the Pan Fried Rice Rolls. We found the portion to be smaller in comparison with some other restaurants but the taste and texture was good. Continue reading →

Congee Noodle House

I was visiting a new optometrist and it was conveniently located across from Congee Noodle House. Time for some no frills good old Chinese food!

Congee Noodle House

Beef Rice Rolls! I didn’t know they served these here since I always thought it was a dim sum thing. Not sure why they used this dish to serve it if they were going to leave the other side empty.

Congee Noodle House

Since this was Congee Noodle House we had to get some congee. Even though I don’t really like congee that much I liked this! This was the Century Egg and Pork Congee. They state on their menu that all their congees come with peanuts and green onion. The congee was well flavoured as in salty and didn’t taste plain like what my mom makes haha I think that’s why I don’t like congee at home…

Congee Noodle House

Finally we had the Stir Fried Beef Rice Noodles which is like a staple for Chinese comfort food. The beef was tender and there was a decent amount in the noodles along with some crunchy bean sprouts. As far as greasiness goes I’ve had worse.

Food came really fast and there was no service but that’s fine as long as the food is good!

Congee Noodle House 粥麵館 on Urbanspoon