Penang Delight Cafe

Penang Delight Cafe is hidden away in a small plaza on W. 73rd and Hudson. It’s right next to Cafe L’Orangerie. Their first location is on Rupert street but I’ve never been there before. We came on a Monday and it was pretty quiet.

Penang Delight Cafe

We started off by sharing some Roti Canai. It was okay but not the best I’ve ever had.  Read more


Tropika used to be at Aberdeen mall but now they have moved to Lansdowne mall. The new location is where the California Cafe used to be. We actually tried to go to Yah Yah Ya Ramen first but they were closed on Mondays, then we tried to go to G-Men but they were also closed…hence we ended up at Tropika since I had read a post about it by Vancity Noms.

Surprisingly, the interior was super fancy and classy looking. It did not feel like you were eating at a Malaysian restaurant at all. We totally over ordered and the old lady beside us stared at us and she was like “wow you guys are big eaters eh?”… SO awkward… =S


My friend really wanted Hot and Sour soup so we got the only size which was a medium. We did not expect it to be this big. This was enough for like 4-5 individual bowls. The soup was not too thick and more on the sour side but wasn’t that good.

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