Saint Germain’s Disappointing Opera Cake

Saint Germain’s is known to be a good bakery but this time I was severely disappointed when I picked up an Opera cake from them. I did not preorder because I wasn’t sure if I was getting a cake or not that day but I didn’t mind taking whatever cake they had left there. I did have the Opera cake in mind though. Thankfully when I got there around 6pm at the Oakridge location, a 6″ Opera cake was still available! Hurray!

Unfortunately it turned out to be the DRIEST cake I have ever eaten.

It was hard. It was dry. It was terrible.

Opera Cake

Here’s what’s left… Now I don’t think I’ve tried their Opera cake before but it always LOOKED good! What on earth happened?1 I’m not sure if this was an off day or what. Or maybe it had been sitting there for too long? I’m not even picky about cake but this was extremely disappointing. :( There are supposed to be spongey and chocolatey layers!!! This was just hard and dry. I’m not even comparing it to other high end bakeries like Thierry or anything. This was just really bad. Maybe I should preorder next time? I’m not sure if I want to try this again. I’ve tried another one of their cakes before and it was fine…it wasn’t even really the end of the day yet! It was only 6 and they closed at 9.

Any thoughts???

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