Chachi’s-Sandwich Mania!

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Sherman (Sherman’s Food Adventures) was organizing a tasting for Chachi’s at Metrotown and kindly invited me to come along. =)

Chachi's Metrotown

Chachi’s is a chain restaurant from Calgary and the Metrotown location is their first location in BC. They are located in the food court and the sandwiches are better than expected considering that they’re in the food court! Keep reading to find out which ones were my favourite! Read more

Pazzo Chow

My co worker had heard about the Brown Paper Packages ice cream sandwiches available at Pazzo Chow so we decided to pick up some take out for lunch along with an ice cream sandwich. It’s on the corner of Quebec and Keefer street on the side of the big parking lot for Floata Seafood restaurant if you know what I’m talking about…They had really nice looking pictures on Instagram so we were excited to try it out.

Pazzo Chow MenuTheir menu changes daily so you’ll have to go there and check what they have. This was the menu on the day we went and it was all vegetarian food.

Read more

Le Tigre – Delicious Unhealthy Vegetables

I’ve been to Le Tigre quite a few times now and I think I’m almost sick of it… but I’ll still go back sometime haha Here are a few more items I’ve tried.

Le TigreThese are their “Famous” Beet Fries with artichokes and a 7 spice mayo. The beets were nice and crunchy and they were quite tasty after being dipped in mayo. Ok deep fried vegetables with dip can’t be bad right? These are pretty good considering I don’t eat beets much!

Le TigreThis is the¬†“Crack” Salad with cauliflower, kale, cabbage, broccoli, cracked chilies and parmesan cheese. I never thought that a salad could be this tasty!!! Everything was crispy and a bit salty but had a slightly spicy taste after from the chilies. Super delicious!!! This is my favourite item now. Although it is pretty oily and does not really qualify as a salad it’s so good! Love their flavour combination here.

Le TigreFinally we have the Big Bad Beans¬†which are green beans with spicy ground pork and chilies. These were good beans but they weren’t that special compared to other things on the menu since they were similar to what I can get at a Chinese restaurant. I also thought that there’d be more ground pork too. However, the portion of green beans was still really big. Once again, these were also really oily.

You can read my post about their Kick Ass Rice here. That’s my other favourite! All of the above dishes are $5 too (except the Kick Ass Rice is $9) so it’s affordable and it was filling enough for me. Also, they have awesome menu names!

Le Tigre Cuisine Mobile Food Truck on Urbanspoon

The Chopped Leaf-“Healthy” Fast Food?

I was looking for something to eat on my way to my haircut and I found The Chopped Leaf on Robson street. Their name screams healthy right? You can order a starter, a salad, full salad or a wrap as well as soups, sandwiches and rice bowls. If you order your food for here, they’ll give you a number sign and bring your food over to your table but it’s still a fast food type of restaurant. They also seem to be expanding across Canada. When I came in it was so warm compared to outside that my glasses fogged up @__@

The Chopped Leaf

I went for the Bangkok wrap which had “Romaine, iceberg, peppers, snow peas, onion, noodles,¬†peanuts, cilantro with evil peanut”. This cost $6.85 which was okay for a wrap. You can also add protein like chicken, tuna or prawns too but I didn’t. The wrap was crunchy from the iceberg lettuce, snow peas and the peppers but the noodles had a weird texture they were not soft or hard but in between like they were half cooked ramen noodles. It didn’t really bother me that much but it was weird… The peanut sauce was good and it was slightly spicy too.

The Chopped LeafSo as healthy as this may sound, I actually picked the wrap with the highest number of calories according to nutrition information on their website. Want to take a guess? This was 598 calories… @___@ The salads seem slightly better though and I think the portion would be a bit bigger. Ok I’m not a nutrition expert so I really don’t know but it’s probably still better than McDonald’s?

The wrap was fresh and tasty but I don’t think I’ll be back. It could be convenient to grab take out if you work downtown though.

The Chopped Leaf on Urbanspoon

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