Fliptop Filipino Fusion

I’ve always been curious about Fliptop Filipino Fusion’s food (look at that alliteration!). Their brightly decorated purple graffiti truck is bound to turn heads. They are usually parked next to Whole Food’s on Cambie and 8th on Wednesdays so that was where I was headed for lunch last week! They serve some sandwiches, lumpia (Filipino springroll) and also rice bowls.

Fliptop Filipino FusionBehold this majestic sandwich! I had the Pulled Pork Sandwich with their signature BBQ sauce topped with Achara (a pickle made from grated papaya according to Google), roasted garlic aioli and crispy leeks. This was served on a Pandesal which is a Filipino sweet bun.

The pile of crispy leeks was nicely seasoned and it was akin to eating onion rings but in small strips. Ok that’s the best comparison I could come up with but they really made this sandwich stand out more. The pulled pork is buried at the bottom and the BBQ sauce was sweet with a slight tang to it. I appreciated the fact that there was enough BBQ sauce but the sandwich wasn’t too wet. I decided to eat this as a deconstructed sandwich so I could eat all the crispy leeks first (and not get my hands dirty)! There probably could have been more pulled pork and less crispy leeks so that it would be more balanced.

Their other sandwiches such as the Thrilla in Manila are a bit pricier at $12 but look really good too so maybe I’ll give it a go one day.

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Poutine at Frenchie’s

Frenchie’s has a new location on Main and Broadway now and my co workers and I decided to hit it up on Friday. The interior has a bar and lots of interesting paintings. Unfortunately I can’t describe the paint style for you. The menu consists of poutine, sandwiches and Montreal smoked meat sandwiches. Some of the poutines come in either small or medium or large and some only come in medium. There’s a warning on the menu that says they’re not responsible for your addiction to their poutine haha

Frenchie's Poutine

This was the 6oz Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich and it came with a side of coleslaw. The meat was shaved very thin and wasn’t too salty. Their smoked meat is brought in from Montreal. The coleslaw was very lightly dressed and I think it could’ve used a bit more dressing.

Frenchie's Poutine

This was the medium sized Smoked Meat Poutine and it was huge!!! Seriously if this is medium, I don’t want to know how big a large is…

Frenchie's Poutine

This was the small Classic Poutine. Can’t go wrong with the classic! It was also only $6.

Frenchie's Poutine

This was the Pulled Pork Poutine with lots of tender slow cooked pork on top. The gravy was really good and there were also some onions in here as well as squeaky cheese curds.

Some of their more meat heavy poutine creations (steak poutine, pepperoni poutine, meat lovers poutine) can get expensive but then again they are huge so you get your bang for your buck. Our poutine cravings have been satisfied for quite a while now!

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Chicha is a Peruvian restaurant and I don’t think there are many Peruvian restaurants in Vancouver. The food is served tapas style.  They also only have lunch on Fridays and brunch on weekends. Since my co workers and I go out every Friday, this was a perfect opportunity to try some Peruvian food. Also, I saw Follow Me Foodie post some pictures on Facebook from Chicha so that totally helped us make our dining decision!

Chicha Menu

Here’s a quick snapshot of the menu. It was a bit different from their online menu.


My co workers both had the Empanadas with chicken served with a side of salsa. There were 2 pieces in a flaky pastry shell. The chicken was quite moist and tender from that one bite that I tried. It felt a bit expensive though for $12.



For myself, I had the Roast Pork Sandwich with fries and it was damn tasty! The pork was super tender and moist but not too fatty at the same time. The sandwich was also dripping with what looked like mustard but it was some sort of aioli sauce and it was really juicy. The ciabatta bun was nice and soft and there were some greens in the sandwich to balance out the pork. Another notable mention is the glazed yams inside which added some sweetness to the sandwich. Definitely did not regret getting this! The fries were also nice and crisp too and accompanied by  a side of spicy mayo. This sandwich was a win albeit messy to eat!

Ok so the tapas do seem pretty expensive but the sandwich was worth it.

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Pronto Cafe

I’ve heard that Pronto Cafe also makes a porchetta sandwich similar to the one at Meat and Bread. Pronto is a small Italian cafe with limited seating but they have a nice outdoor patio at the back of the restaurant. They serve pasta, sandwiches and paninis .

So on my lunch visit to Pronto, I ended up not ordering the porchetta since I wasn’t thaaat hungry and the Proscuitto Panini also sounded appetizing so I settled for that instead.

Pronto Cafe Panini

This is made with sundried tomato mayo, sweet Fabri cherries, arugula and provolone cheese. I thought the panini was a bit on the small size since it was $8.50 but I guess the price is similar to Meat and Bread except I feel like Meat and Bread would be more worth it but I’m just biased. The panini was good with nice stringy cheese but I wish the proscuitto was more spread out in the sandwich rather than just being on one side of the panini. It was so packed in that when I bit into it I ended up pulling a lot of it out in one bite. The only other thing was that I had no idea what sweet Fabri cherries were before ordering. I thought it might be dried fruit? However, it had this really weird flavour like cherry medicine and I didn’t like it…

Pronto Cafe

My friend had the Gnocchi with Pesto and Pancetta. The gnocchi had a nice chewy texture that contrasted with the crisp pancetta. The creamy pesto sauce with the cheese brought everything together. They also have daily specials written on a chalkboard.

While the food was not bad, I’m not in a hurry to return anytime soon. Maaaaybe for the porchetta?

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Au Petit Cafe

I had a craving for banh mi sandwiches and I had heard a lot about Au Petit Cafe so that’s where we went for lunch on a Sunday afternoon. There was a small line up and we waited about 20 mins before we got a table. The interior is not very big and we ended up seated right next to the cash register counter.

Au Petit CafeWe started with a Shrimp Salad Roll. The peanut sauce was really good and the salad roll had large pieces of shrimp. I’m not a fan of salad rolls though since it feels like I’m eating salad with peanut sauce. But otherwise it was alright.

Au Petit Cafe

This was the Banh Mi with house made ham, house made meat balls, vegetables and hot peppers. You also have the option of not getting any hot peppers. We got one sandwich with hot peppers and one without.

Au Petit Cafe

The meat ball had a really soft texture almost like it wasn’t cooked but it was and it was nicely marinated.

Au Petit Cafe


We also shared the Banh Mi with shredded Vietnamese pork, vegetables and hot peppers. Compared to the first sandwich, I missed the meat ball! The shredded pork wasn’t that flavourful. The bread was still the same crunchy toasted baguette though. It also wasn’t too hard to eat but if you leave it for too long the bread will get harder. The hot peppers weren’t really that hot to me but I like spicy things.

While I was there I noticed that a lot of people were getting take out and they also had a lot of phone calls for take out as well. That’s a good option if you don’t want to wait! Overall I was satisfied with their sandwiches and they were so cheap and filling!

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Tuc Craft Kitchen

My co workers and I went to Tuc Craft Kitchen for lunch after seeing their enticing menu. Basically everything looked good! We went on a week day and I was surprised that it wasn’t very busy at all. The restaurant also has a small upstairs section. The decor was really nice too with high ceilings and touches of wood. Classy but not too fancy? Okay maybe that’s just a Gastown thing now.

Tuc Craft Kitchen

This was the Chicken Dip Sandwich with Parsnip Fries. The chicken was super moist and tender and the house-made ranch and basil complimented the chicken well. The sandwich is already delicious on its’ own without the chicken consomme dip! The parsnip fries were thin but didn’t get soggy and it was served with their own coriander ketchup. The ketchup was interesting since it was not as thick as regular ketchup and maybe it was a bit sweeter? I’m not quite sure how to describe it but it’s an interesting twist on ketchup. I’ve never had parsnip fries before but they were good. Ok anything fried is good…

Tuc Craft Kitchen

We had all discussed this sandwich and it was a popular choice for sure! This was the Beef Brisket and Pork Crackling Sandwich with Smashed Potato Fries. That just sounds delicious already right? The sandwich was crunchy from the crackling and there were tender pieces of brisket interspersed in the sandwich. There was also some salsa verde and mustard in the sandwich and it reminded me of Meat and Bread a bit. The smashed potato fries were really just delicious fried pieces of potato. I think I preferred these to the parsnip fries though. This was also served with coriander ketchup.

Tuc Craft Kitchen

Guess what this is? It’s apparently called a “Runsas” and every day they have a different filling in it. On the day that I went, they had fried chicken and cheese which sounded pretty good when the server described it so I decided to try it. It also came with a cream of vegetable soup. The soup was good but I couldn’t tell what kind of vegetables were in it. It was not too heavy though. The pastry part of the runsas is supposed to be made of pizza dough and we all found it to be a bit doughy and dry. Maybe that’s why it was served with coriander ketchup? I was expecting more of a soft of chewy type of pastry.

Order the sandwiches guys!!! You won’t be disappointed. They were both awesome and I will totally come back for them. I would also like to try brunch and dinner now.

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Railtown Cafe

I came here to pick up lunch with my co workers since it’s awfully close to us and we can’t have Meat and Bread everyday right? Railtown Cafe serves sandwiches, soups, salads and baked goods. They can get pretty busy at lunch time.

Railtown CafeThe first time I went I ordered The Pork Sandwich with tender shoulder, jalapeño, cilantro, pickled vegetable aioli, french baguette. Okay so I mentally compared this to Meat and Bread and they’re not really the same kind of sandwich but I still like Meat and Bread more. The crunchy baguette held everything together and the pork was tender but it wasn’t that flavourful. It was tender though but I expected it to be more… exciting. It was also kind of like a Banh Mi with the cilantro and pickled vegetables and french baguette. It was still a good sandwich but I think I had really high expectations haha

Railtown CafeI also shared the Chicken Quiche with my co worker. The chicken part was really dry. It was just sitting on top and it wasn’t covered up in the store so that’s probably why. The rest of it was okay. I don’t eat a lot of quiche so I can’t really comment.

Railtown Cafe

On my other visit, I had The Smoked Turkey with avocado, provolone, ancho chili aioli, sourdough. There was a lot of turkey inside!

Railtown CafeSince the bread was thin it had trouble holding the large mound of turkey inside. I like the ancho chili aioli though since I like spicy food and there was more flavour to it. I think I would’ve liked this better in a different type of bread though. Also because it would hold the sauce inside a bit better. Both sandwiches I had cost $10 and they’re both quite hefty. You can also add a side salad or soup for $3.

They were good sandwiches overall but I still like Meat and Bread better!

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Turducken Sandwich at Meat and Bread

Meat and Bread is famous for their porchetta sandwiches but they also have a special Turducken sandwich just for Christmas! It was only available on Dec. 23 and 24. On the 23rd my co workers and I went at around 12pm and there was already a huge lineup so we decided to pass and come back the next day before they opened. We expected a line up but not one that went around the corner from their store! Going earlier the next day worked in our favour but we still had to line up for about half an hour. We were standing outside and we could smell the deliciousness inside already. I think I’ve become more of a sandwich person this year.

So what is a Turducken??? It’s chicken stuffed in duck stuffed in turkey. Yes that’s a lot of stuffing.

Turducken Sandwich Meat and Bread

Turducken Sandwich Meat and BreadThe Turducken Sandwich has turducken, fried onion strings, stuffing gravy and cashew butter. It was super moist and flavourful and the gravy was a nice touch. It didn’t feel as fatty as the porchetta either and it was worth the wait! The ciabatta bun was crispy on the outside but still chewy. We were trying not to over hype the sandwich and disappoint ourselves haha If you’re a fan of Meat and Bread you should consider trying their turducken next year! I think the limited availability makes it even more desirable. I mean if you wait for half an hour you’re going to convince yourself it’s really great anyway psychologically speaking. But don’t worry it was good!

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Finch’s Tea and Coffee House-Fancy Sandwiches

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things!

That’s what I was thinking as I walked away with my sandwich to-go from Finch’s Tea and Coffee House. My coworkers who have great taste in food suggested we get some sandwiches for lunch. The cafe definitely had a quaint and rustic feel to it. There was even this nice China cabinet with a sign advertising hot organic apple juice. Good for winter?

Finch's Tea and Coffee HouseWe had called earlier to order our sandwiches and we all got their Baked Brie, Roasted Walnuts, Proscuitto and Pear sandwich. That just sounds so fancy already doesn’t it?

Finch's Tea and Coffee HouseHere’s my sandwich waiting for me to unwrap! It’s just like how sandwiches are supposed to be wrapped in books I’ve read and I finally get one like that! Yeah I’ve never had a sandwich wrapped like this before it’s so fascinating! Ok I’ll stop being dramatic.

Finch's Tea and Coffee HouseOkay since my sandwich was taken to-go the presentation wasn’t all that great. I’ve seen pictures where the pears are beautifully arranged but I”m not going to complain about the way it looks. The sandwich was on a French baguette but I wish it had been warmed up. There were so many flavours going on here! The pear was definitely interesting. It wasn’t too soft nor too crunchy either but I’ve never had a pear in my sandwich before so I just found it really really weird. Maybe I would’ve liked it better if it was apple? I can relate to apples better. The proscuitto was slightly salty while the brie was creamy and it came in square chunks.Then to round it all off there was the crunchy walnuts and the balsamic vinegar too and there’s some of everything in every bite! The textures were pretty interesting too.

Sandwiches are much fancier than Subway! I wouldn’t mind trying another sandwich but maybe without pear…and you can always call ahead to order!

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Terra Breads

I visited the Terra Breads location on W5th and Ontario and I would never have guessed that there would be a bakery here. They serve a variety of breads and other baked goods as well as sandwiches and cafe drinks. I liked how the interior was very bright and inviting. After debating for a while I settled on one of their sandwiches, the Roasted Wild Salmon on organic multigrain bread. Basically everything in this sandwich was suppose to be organic. Of course that had nothing to do with why I chose it.

Terra BreadsThere was a good amount of greens in this sandwich including pea shoots, radishes, red onion and cucumbers. The touch of lemon dill caper mayonnaise brought the sandwich together with a bit of tanginess. The wild salmon was also smooth and flaky. I was very glad that it wasn’t dry and it didn’t taste like it was canned. I believe all the sandwiches are $7.95. I thought it was a bit pricey but maybe it’s because everything is organic?

I also got something to go hehehe They had samples of the Red Pepper, Goat Cheese and Asiago Foccacia on the counter for customers to try. It looked tasty enough already but after sampling it I knew I wanted to get it too.

Terra Breads

The foccacia was crunchy on the outside but softer in the middle after it was heated up. The savoury flavours of the cheese were evident as well. I don’t think the spinach did anything for me though it was just there.

Terra Breads has a good selection of breads and pastries as well as other lunch items. I would give their other pastries a try!

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