Burgoo is known for its comfort food from many regions around the world. I also discovered that it’s next to The Last Crumb Bakery!!! We had to wait for a spot for brunch and they said it would be a half hour wait so guess what? We went next door to eat dessert first :D BEST PLAN EVER!!! I will blog about that some other time.


I ordered their classic Macaroni and Cheese with aged white cheddar. It looked super delicious but after a while I was super full from all the carbs and cheese. And ok maybe the dessert I ate before hand… hahaha but it was very rich and heavy! While comforting, I think the flavour felt very one dimensional and I was starting to get sick of it but if you love cheese they don’t skimp at all! I guess I’m not a cheese person after all. BurgooThis was the Eggs Ratatouille with “three scrambled eggs served over oven baked ratatouille with toasts, melted Gruyere, Emmenthal, Mozzarella and Chevre”. Sadly I was not the one who ordered this. I had considered it but my friend ordered it so I decided I should get something else. The vegetables were super tasty in the tomato sauce! It was also perfectly cheesy and the eggs were lightly scrambled. I like this better than the mac and cheese. The tart tomato sauce gave me a break from all the cheese I was eating when I stole bites from my friend. It was also much lighter and it had veggies!

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