Beta5: Cream Puff Time!

Beta5 is a well established chocolatier but they also make amazing cream puffs! I’m not a gourmet chocolate person though so I have yet to try their chocolates but maybe someday soon. When you open the door to the store, it smells really sweet and yummy!

Beta5 Cream Puffs

You can pre-order the cream puffs that you want ahead of time to make sure that they are available when you arrive because sometimes they do sell out of certain flavours. From left to right: S’mores, Vietnamese Coffee, Vanilla and Coconut Passionfruit. The creampuffs are $4.50 each but if you order 4, it’s $16.

Beta5 Cream Puffs

I had the S’mores and it was topped with a roasted marshmallow on top. The inside had a rich and creamy dark chocolate filling as well as a milk chocolate filling. It really was like eating a s’more!

I’m pretty sure that eating these will turn you into a cream puff enthusiast if you weren’t already! I sampled some of the other flavours as well and they all tasted as advertised. The vanilla felt a bit plain though but it’s vanilla so yeah. I still recommend everything!!! If you like ice cream sandwiches then you really must try Beta5’s version in the summer. Read about them here! Also read about my last cream puff visit here.

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