Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe

Yes I’m blogging about another trip to Thierry! We went at around 8:30pm and by then they didn’t have a lot of cake options left. Also, I had recently had my wisdom teeth removed so I couldn’t bite/chew anything hard so I couldn’t get macarons =( So we settled on the chocolate trio cake which I’ve had before and I knew it was quite soft from all the chocolate mousse. I like this cake because it’s not too dense and you can taste all the different chocolates in it. We also decided to get drinks as well. My friend was interested in the Spanish Latte and added hazelnut syrup to hers. Unfortunately she found it to be way too sweet for her. However, I did like the flavour of the espresso and it was very rich and creamy and had just the right amount of foam. I had the Liquid Chocolate with caramel. Ok liquid chocolate sounds pretty sweet already right? And I just had to be fancy and add caramel too so it was super super sweet even for me and I have a big sweet tooth already! The caramel flavour was very dominating so maybe I shouldn’t have added it. It was only 4oz and I didn’t finish it. Also, it cost $4.45 so it’s not something to indulge in everyday. It’s probably best to stick to teas when eating sweet desserts so you don’t overdose on sugar!

PS. it’s always really hard to get a seat in there!



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