Charcoal Sushi and BBQ Restaurant

For Mother’s Day, my brother and I took my mom out for dinner at Charcoal Sushi. Located in the complex on No. 3 Road and Westminster Hwy, there’s plenty of parking here! Charcoal Sushi has about 7 medium sized tables inside and some bar seating. Each table also has a covered grill in the centre for BBQ meats. They take reservations but didn’t seem very busy for the Mother’s Day weekend.
Charcoal Sushi

We started off with a Chopped Scallop Roll and Smoked Salmon Roll. Fairly standard, the scalloped roll could’ve been rolled better. Continue reading →

Sushi Aria

I saw that a new sushi restaurant had opened where Luv Cravings used to be on Cambie and King Edward. It’s also sandwiched between Corner 23 and Copa Cafe. Since it’s fairly new, it was empty when we went but we decided to try it anyway because I’m a food blogger and that’s what I do! Also I read on Raymond’s Sushi Adventures that it was not bad. The restaurant has a lot of booth seating.

Sushi Aria

The first roll we received was the Caribbean roll which was basically like a rainbow roll but with tamago inside. It was nicely constructed but it just seemed kind of dry? Or it was more evident that the rice was bland and could’ve used more vinegar? Maybe I’m just too used to rolls drenched in sauce these days.  Continue reading →

Sushi Loku

Sushi Loku is on the corner of Saint George St. and E. Broadway. The building kind of looks like a house so it could be easy to miss.

Sushi Loku

We started off with the Sushi Pizza which is made with crispy deep fried rice topped with either salmon or tuna and avocado. There was also a fried garlic chip on each piece. We enjoyed the crispy texture of the rice with the fresh fish. They also have a Volcano version of this which is spicy.  Continue reading →


I’ve seen some really great Instagram posts about Sushiholic so I convinced my friends to check it out after biking around the seawall. I believe their original location is on East Broadway near Boundary Road. I visited their Denman location and it has a bit of a cozy feel with their brick walls and dim lighting.


I tried Plum Wine for the first time! I liked it since it was really sweet. Continue reading →

The Mega Tower is a Must Have

Mega Sushi is tucked away on Sixth Avenue and Chatham Street in Steveston near Garry Point park. I actually went once last summer but never ended up blogging about it so I must blog about it this time! Mega Sushi has a lot of special rolls but they can get pricey.

Mega Sushi

We didn’t make a reservation so we were lucky they weren’t too busy that day. Actually, we had tried to go to Ichiro down the block but they were fully booked! Our food started coming within five minutes of us ordering. I was so impressed!!!  Continue reading →

Tokyo Joe’s Sushi Factory

It’s been ages since I’ve been to Tokyo Joe’s! I used to go a lot and then I discovered other places. They used to have miso soup that you can help yourself to but our server just brought it over for us so not sure if it’s still all you can drink? Not that I would have more than one bowl anyway.

Tokyo Joe's Sushi Factory

We ordered the Salmon and Avocado Cone, Salmon and Avocado roll, Chopped Scallop roll, TJ Garden roll and the Crazy roll. The rolls all looked good but the rice was really mushy and flavourless. It just tasted really gross!!! I couldn’t taste anything but the weird rice so I had to drown it in soy sauce.

The TJ Garden roll had yam tempura inside with avocado and seaweed salad on top. We ordered this for the seaweed salad but the roll wasn’t really that special. The Crazy roll had spicy tuna and prawn tempura and this roll came with more sauce so the sushi rice didn’t taste as bad plus I like spicy stuff.

I was disappointed it wasn’t as good as before. =( Read about my previous visits here and here.

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Sushi Oyama

Before going to Metrotown to do some shopping, we went to Sushi Oyama to fuel up. Just two or three blocks away on Kingsway, Sushi Oyama is in a house-like building that gives the restaurant a memorable feel. I actually wanted to try Black Dragon Sushi which was a block away but they were closed. I think because it was a Monday.

Sushi Oyama

The Seaweed Salad was nicely presented and even came with a piece of avocado as well as fish roe. The seaweed was crunchy and well marinated. Ok there really isn’t a seaweed salad I don’t like but this seems to be one of the better ones.

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