Dream Sushi

Dream Sushi is a small restaurant located on the corner of Main and 28th. I’ve noticed it passing by but was never enticed to try them out until one of my co workers suggested we go for lunch. They have a lunch special where you can choose two items from a small selection of rolls and hot items for $6.50 and it comes with miso soup too. That’s not a bad deal if you get two rolls so it would be $3.25 each! The dinner special is $12.95 and you can choose 3 items and it comes with miso soup and salad. They also do a lot of specialty rolls which are all $8.95.

Dream Sushi

For my lunch special, I got the Pork Gyozas which comes with 3 pieces. These were fairly standard nothing special.

Dream Sushi

I also had the Spicy Salmon Roll too. It was alright and there wasn’t too much rice.

Dream Sushi

Chopped Scallop Roll and 2 pcs Toro Nigiri.

Dream Sushi

This was the Peking Duck Roll which was recommended by one of my co workers. It had duck in the middle and the crispy skin on top of the roll with some hoisin sauce, mayo and green onions. It tasted just like peking duck but with rice and rolled up haha It was interesting but not overly amazing. I would be interested in trying some of their other specialty rolls.

The sushi was affordable and it seems like it would be popular with locals but I’m not in a hurry to try it again.

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Risty’s Cafe and Sushi Bar

My friend introduced me to Risty’s last month after telling me that she gets take out all the time there. I was surprised there was this little gem in our neighbourhood. Located near the corner of Granville and 70th, Risty’s is a cafe that serves breakfast and burgers but it’s also a sushi restaurant as well. It was an odd combination but it seems to work for them. The interior is quite small, there were maybe 6 or 7 tables and a small bar area for seating.

Risty's Cafe and Sushi BarThey have a lot of special rolls which I like and prices seem reasonable but they have quite a few on the pricey side. As a sushi bar, they serve pretty much some of everything.

Risty's Cafe and Sushi BarWe ordered some Gomae. It wasn’t that great and I’ve had better.

Risty's Cafe and Sushi BarWe also ordered Agedashi Tofu, The tofu was more rectangular and flat and served with the sauce separately.

Risty's Cafe and Sushi BarThis was the Ocean roll with eel, avocado, mango and coconut flakes. Quite tasty because I love BBQ eel but the coconut flakes didn’t do anything for me. The mango was also very fresh and gave every bit a nice pop of sweetness.

Risty's Cafe and Sushi Bar

We also ordered the Oshinko roll and the Unagi Avocado roll. The Oshinko roll was on the bland side for me, the pickle just didn’t taste very pickled at all. The Unagi Avocado roll was standard.

Risty's Cafe and Sushi BarThis was the Yummy roll with yam, prawn tempura, eel, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese, The yam was served hot and fresh and there was a variety of different textures going on here!

Risty's Cafe and Sushi BarThen we had the Red Tuna roll with spicy tuna and cucumber inside and topped with masago and crispy bits. This was one of my favourite rolls because I like how it was crispy outside but soft and spicy on the inside.

Risty's Cafe and Sushi BarOkay I thought the last roll was pretty good already but this was like mind-blowingly good. Behold the Volcano roll! This had prawn tempura, cream cheese, eel, avocado, cucumber, and crab meat. It was suppose to come in 8 pieces but we got 10 but I’m not complaining! haha I thought Volcano rolls were suppose to be spicy but this one wasn’t. The plate was also sprinkled with a lot of crab meat and we finished that off too.

I realized almost all the rolls we ordered had eel in it haha I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food here despite the fact that it did look a tad shabby. I wouldn’t mind coming back and I’m sure they can deliver straight to my house too ;) Also they close at 9pm!

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Revisit: Jumbo Sushi

My friend and I were so hooked on Jumbo Sushi we had to go again soon! :D Yes it was that good the first time. Read my first blog post here.

Jumbo SushiDoesn’t it look beautiful already?

Jumbo Sushi

This was the Red Roll. This roll had chopped scallop inside and it was topped with salmon, deep fried bits of batter and an interesting vinaigrette.

Jumbo Sushi

Okay I forgot what this was called but it had avocado tempura on top! That was interesting because the texture was crunchy and then smooth.

Jumbo Sushi

I believe this was the OMG roll with smoked salmon and cream cheese and also some shrimp tempura inside. The smoked salmon wasn’t too salty and there was just the right amount of cream cheese too.  In the middle of this picture we have the Caterpillar roll. While there was nothing wrong with this version it didn’t stand out very much either. We also ordered the Seamonster Roll again which had shrimp tempura, imitation crab meat inside and topped with a piece of unagi and copious amounts of seaweed salad. Very delicious! It’s probably my favourite roll here now.

Jumbo SushiDespite all the seaweed that came with the Seamonster roll, I also decided to pig out some more and ordered seaweed salad. This was about twice the amount that you would usually get anywhere else so it was a super generous portion. On the other hand I think the seasoning could have been better though. I also appreciate small portions now because after I ate the whole thing it was really too much :S

Jumbo Sushi offers great deals on specialty rolls and the dining space is clean while the food is fresh. There’s nothing I don’t like yet!

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Jumbo Sushi: A Great Hole In the Wall Discovery

Jumbo Sushi is located right across from Richmond Centre in a small strip mall that I’ve never really paid attention to. If you’re driving by you’ll most likely miss it. I had read about it from other bloggers and it looked promising. Thank you Urbanspoon! The inside is very clean and simple looking with a few tables and plastic chairs. The walls are covered with pictures from the menu which makes ordering easier. Or harder if you’re indecisive like me! They seemed to have a lot of specialty rolls but at affordable prices.

Jumbo Sushi Menu

Jumbo Sushi Party Trays

These party trays look like they’re pretty good deals!

Jumbo Sushi

Jumbo Sushi

The other side!

From top to bottom: Sea Monster Roll, BC Lions Roll, Rainbow Roll, Firecracker Roll 

The Sea Monster Roll was covered in seaweed salad with a piece of shrimp tempura inside and unagi on top. I really liked this since I love seaweed!

Next up is the BC Lions Roll which had spicy salmon inside and salmon tempura on top. I thought the salmon tempura provided an interesting contrast to the raw salmon inside.

The Rainbow Roll was probably the roll that I was the least satisfied with since the fish on top was sliced quite thinly and it looked a bit mushy? Otherwise it was really cheap ~$5 so I can’t really complain if the quality reflects the price. Usually Rainbow rolls are around ~$9.

Finally we had the Firecracker Roll which was served warm. It consisted of  cooked tuna served inside a lightly fried roll with green onions, mayo and spicy sauce. I thought this was interesting too since it wasn’t really battered but still deep fried which made it slightly crunchy. It actually wasn’t weird that it was warm either.

Jumbo Sushi

We decided to go for one more roll which was the Jumbo Spicy Salmon Roll. This is pretty self explanatory and matched the description perfectly. There was spicy salmon inside the roll as well as on top. It was also topped with green onions and something crunchy like tempura batter. At this point I pretty much liked all their food so I have to say this was pretty good too! 

The sauces on the rolls provided them with enough flavour so that soy sauce wasn’t really needed. Each roll also came with 8 pieces although they might be on the smaller side. However, the pricing really makes up for it! Unlike Tokyo Joe’s (see my posts here and here), the rolls were also not falling apart either. The staff seem quite friendly too and you can help yourself to tea or water. The location is also convenient since it’s a short walk from the Canada Line. This is probably my new favourite hole in the wall sushi joint! =) Does anyone else have any other hole in the wall recommendations?

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Charcoal Sushi Restaurant

Hellooo! I can’t believe we’re halfway through the semester already and I can’t wait till Halloween! =) My friends and I went to Charcoal for Thanksgiving lunch. It’s located in the same plaza as London Drugs on No. 3 road. I had been here once before and they had some pretty interesting rolls so I was excited to try a few more. We managed to get the last table there during lunch yay!

My friend ordered the tako wasa but they accidentally brought out a tako sunomono? The presentation was quite nice. Well maybe only because the only time I get a sunomono is at AYCE places and we all know presentation isn’t one of their best attributes.

Here’s the actual tako wasa!

This did not have too much wasabi in it but you could still taste it and there were a lot of pieces. The first time I had it though I thought it was a bit too slimey for me but I got used to it.

Mmm sharkfin salad! Another one of those things I usually indulge in at AYCE places but I think I’m really sick of AYCE now … anyway this was good. Nothing particularly special.

The House roll. I’m sure we’re all familiar with this one. A solid roll and the pieces were not too ginormous to eat.

We noticed that they had a lot of lunch specials for around $8-10. This was the BBQ chicken on rice. The portion was actually smaller than I expected. The chicken could have been more moist and flavourful but there was the distinct BBQ taste. The corn and the piece of carrot on the side didn’t do much for me. It just feels like it’s lacking something. Maybe I eat at HK style cafes too much…

This was my favourite roll! This was the Golden roll which was a deep fried California roll. Anything that’s deep fried is good right? I love how the outside is crispy and the inside is warm and soft.

This was the Maple Leaf Roll. Eating this made me feel so patriotic! Haha ok no… This was essentially a California roll topped with mango and smoked salmon with some fish eggs. Since mangoes aren’t in season right now they didn’t taste that sweet which was expected but overall it was good since the mango provided a bit of a different texture to it.

Beef yakisoba. Another one of the lunch specials I think I enjoyed this more than the BBQ chicken on rice since I guess the rice was a little plain. Soy sauce anyone? However, I have to say the portion was on the small side too. And seriously I don’t think anyone eats that carrot.

Okay so it was good enough but I’m not raving about it and the pricing of their specialty rolls are about $8.75 which is normal. They also offer Korean BBQ here too but I haven’t tried that before it seems like a less popular option. It was a good lunch and I don’t mind revisiting once in a while. If you order the lunch special then you probably want an appetizer to go with it.


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