Palings Kitchen and Bar

We had a going away lunch for my co worker at Palings Kitchen and Bar. It’s located in the Ivy precinct near Wynyard station and it was my first time there. Palings is located on the first floor and the restaurant has some covered areas but the middle area is open air. Interestingly enough, the menu features western dishes as well as Thai dishes. Palings Kitchen and Bar

We started off with some Fries to share. These were perfectly crispy and the portion was huge! It came with some aioli for dipping and we devoured this in no time.  Continue reading →

Bao Down Snack Bar

I came across a photo of Bao Down Snack Bar’s chicken and waffles and rounded up my co workers to go for lunch even though it was a bit of a walk from our office. They don’t have the chicken and waffles for lunch but they did have a similar fried chicken dish.

Bao Down Snack Bar

Bao Down Snack Bar is the third restaurant that spawned from their first venture in Gastown and actually, this location is literally around the corner from the first location! Lunch hours start at 12pm and we were their first customers. It wasn’t busy at all when I was there but they do take reservations. Continue reading →

Sawasdee Thai

It was about time that I got my hands on some Thai food which I clearly don’t eat often enough! We arrived at Sawasdee Thai for lunch and they were understaffed so we had to wait 10 mins for a table even though they had tables but they weren’t cleared and there were only two servers working.

Since we had to wait for a table, we spent our time deciding what to order. All their lunch specials are under $10 and come with a spring roll and a skewer. They are also closed for lunch on Mondays.

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Mr. Red Cafe

I had read some reviews for Mr. Red Cafe and seen lots of great pictures so I convinced my co workers to go with me. We love trying new restaurants! Mr. Red Cafe specializes in Northern Vietnamese cuisine and I wanted to see what that was like but I don’t have much to compare it to.

Mr. Red CafeWe had the Special Sticky Rice with mung bean, pate, pickled carrots, dried squid and shredded chicken. The rice was nice and chewy and had a bit of flavour from the banana leaf? The mix of ingredients was interesting too but I think I would’ve liked it better if it was mixed in like fried rice. The dish was smaller than I imagined though. I like how the food is served on the woven straw mat instead of a plate.

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Thai Son-Richmond

My family had a spontaneous lunch the other day and we decided to go for pho. It’s been quite a while since my last visit to Thai Son but I had always liked it. It’s located near the end of Alexandra road and Garden City. It’s near the House of Tofu Soup which I still haven’t been to . Due to its location on the second floor, you might miss it.

Thai Son Richmond When I say we’re going for pho, I usually get something without the soup. Yes I’m weird like that. This is the Grilled Skewered Pork with Spring Rolls on Vermicelli. I wanted this dish because it came with two spring rolls and my family doesn’t like ordering spring rolls. Yay more for me? The pork was cut into smaller pieces, presumably because they were skewered beforehand. It had a nice sweet taste with some slight smoky flavour. The spring rolls were perfectly hot and crunchy on the outside while the filling inside was flavourful. Of course it all went well with the sweet  sauce that came with this dish (I can drink that stuff!). There were a lot of noodles too and underneath the noodles was more lettuce and bean sprouts. Unfortunately the bean sprouts were raw and I would have liked it if they were cooked first. I like that there was some of everything in here!

Thai Son Richmond My brother had the large Pho with Rare Beef and Tripe. After looking at this picture again, I realized that there was a lot of oil floating on top… o___O I also found the broth to be too salty. Noodles were good though. My dad had the cooked beef version of this so I won’t include the picture.

Thai Son has quite a few locations now and I’m not sure if the salty broth was a one time thing but we still enjoyed our food here. Prices are fair and it’s also clean too.

Thai Son Restaurant 泰山越南牛肉粉 (Richmond) on Urbanspoon