Ganzosushi-Conveyor Belt Sushi in Akihabara

Sushi is my weakness and it’s really hard to say no to sushi. So when in Japan, you gotta get some conveyor belt sushi or kaitenzushi as it is called. They are so common in Japan I wish we had some back in Vancouver again! There was a time back in the day when we had them if anyone remembers… Also, it is very common in Sydney as well. While we were in Akihabara, we decided to Google a conveyor belt sushi restaurant and found Ganzosushi located close to Akihabara station. It was small restaurant where you seat yourself at the counter and most of the other diners seemed to be dining solo. This meant it was pretty quiet so it was just my friends and I chatting.


We didn’t actually know too much about the prices of each dish but there were a few signs that showed some of the prices of certain items so we guessed that most things were around that price or 125yen-250 yen. Ganzosushi had a lot of good reviews on Yelp so that’s how we found them.  Continue reading →

Temaki Sushi

Temaki Sushi is located on Broadway and Arbutus and down the street from BC Sushi. I’ve only been there once many years ago and my friend suggested we come here for a group dinner. We had 7 people so we had a nice booth to ourselves. I saw that the reviews were good on Zomato so I was interested in trying it again but it fell short of expectations.

Temaki Sushi

We started off by sharing two orders of the Assorted Tempura. Each piece was hot, crispy and not too greasy. This came with 4 pieces of prawn and 3 pieces of vegetable.  Continue reading →

Sushi Aria

I saw that a new sushi restaurant had opened where Luv Cravings used to be on Cambie and King Edward. It’s also sandwiched between Corner 23 and Copa Cafe. Since it’s fairly new, it was empty when we went but we decided to try it anyway because I’m a food blogger and that’s what I do! Also I read on Raymond’s Sushi Adventures that it was not bad. The restaurant has a lot of booth seating.

Sushi Aria

The first roll we received was the Caribbean roll which was basically like a rainbow roll but with tamago inside. It was nicely constructed but it just seemed kind of dry? Or it was more evident that the rice was bland and could’ve used more vinegar? Maybe I’m just too used to rolls drenched in sauce these days.  Continue reading →

Sushi Loku

Sushi Loku is on the corner of Saint George St. and E. Broadway. The building kind of looks like a house so it could be easy to miss.

Sushi Loku

We started off with the Sushi Pizza which is made with crispy deep fried rice topped with either salmon or tuna and avocado. There was also a fried garlic chip on each piece. We enjoyed the crispy texture of the rice with the fresh fish. They also have a Volcano version of this which is spicy.  Continue reading →

The Mega Tower is a Must Have

Mega Sushi is tucked away on Sixth Avenue and Chatham Street in Steveston near Garry Point park. I actually went once last summer but never ended up blogging about it so I must blog about it this time! Mega Sushi has a lot of special rolls but they can get pricey.

Mega Sushi

We didn’t make a reservation so we were lucky they weren’t too busy that day. Actually, we had tried to go to Ichiro down the block but they were fully booked! Our food started coming within five minutes of us ordering. I was so impressed!!!  Continue reading →

Tokyo Joe’s Sushi Factory

It’s been ages since I’ve been to Tokyo Joe’s! I used to go a lot and then I discovered other places. They used to have miso soup that you can help yourself to but our server just brought it over for us so not sure if it’s still all you can drink? Not that I would have more than one bowl anyway.

Tokyo Joe's Sushi Factory

We ordered the Salmon and Avocado Cone, Salmon and Avocado roll, Chopped Scallop roll, TJ Garden roll and the Crazy roll. The rolls all looked good but the rice was really mushy and flavourless. It just tasted really gross!!! I couldn’t taste anything but the weird rice so I had to drown it in soy sauce.

The TJ Garden roll had yam tempura inside with avocado and seaweed salad on top. We ordered this for the seaweed salad but the roll wasn’t really that special. The Crazy roll had spicy tuna and prawn tempura and this roll came with more sauce so the sushi rice didn’t taste as bad plus I like spicy stuff.

I was disappointed it wasn’t as good as before. =( Read about my previous visits here and here.

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Sushi Oyama

Before going to Metrotown to do some shopping, we went to Sushi Oyama to fuel up. Just two or three blocks away on Kingsway, Sushi Oyama is in a house-like building that gives the restaurant a memorable feel. I actually wanted to try Black Dragon Sushi which was a block away but they were closed. I think because it was a Monday.

Sushi Oyama

The Seaweed Salad was nicely presented and even came with a piece of avocado as well as fish roe. The seaweed was crunchy and well marinated. Ok there really isn’t a seaweed salad I don’t like but this seems to be one of the better ones.

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Sushiyama-Donburis Done Right

Sushiyama is located on the corner of Brunswick St. and Broadway right across from Kingsgate mall and also across from Pho Thai Son. Everyday is a good day for sushi so I was excited to try them out.


I actually did not really end up getting sushi since I had the Katsu Don. It was a great deal for $6.25 and it comes with miso soup too. The pork cutlet was nicely battered, not dry and fried with an egg on top. There were also some mushrooms and onions underneath too. The  rice had the right amount of sauce unlike the really dry rice I had at Zipang Provisions. Also the pork at Zipang wasn’t cut up either so it was more difficult to eat. I definitely liked this version better! There isn’t that much rice though so if you eat a lot this probably won’t fill you up.

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Sushi Mura-Affordable Sushi

Sushi Mura opened in my neighbourhood and I’ve been there a few times already so that’s a pretty good sign. It seems like they’re open by the same people as Sushi Garden and the inside looks very similar too. Pricing is also really cheap! They always have long lines so be prepared to wait.

Sushi MuraSeaweed salad. Pretty standard and one of my fave salads so I enjoyed it.

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Manna Sushi

Manna Sushi opened on W2nd and Ontario a few months ago but I never got around to blogging about it. It is pretty much the only sushi place around besides Aqua Sushi and Juice Bar which focuses on healthy food and makes their sushi with brown rice. The inside of the restaurant was pretty spacious.

Manna SushiThis was a half order of the Salmon Sashimi (6pcs). It was fresh and they cut it in an interesting way that I can’t describe here but it’s like the ends were a bit thinner? Or they were trying to cheap out on us…

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