Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine

Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine is located in the same complex as the new Walmart on Garden City in Richmond. It seems fairly new so my family decided to check it out. It’s located beside Nando’s and across from Darumaya, the Japanese grocery store (they have pillowy-soft mochi there!).

Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine

Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine is the sister restaurant of Yuan’s Shanghai Serendipity Cuisine next to Aberdeen. I wonder what Z & Y stands for?
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Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

My aunt was visiting from China so we all went for a family dinner at Shi-Art. It’s located inside Richmond Centre next to Tim Horton’s. It’s easily accessible by public transit and there’s plenty of parking. The restaurant has been around for a long time but I’ve only been once when I was quite young so it’s basically like my first time here.

Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

I didn’t get to see the menu before I arrived. We started with my favourite/most-ordered soup, Crab Meat and Fish Maw Soup. I was lucky enough to get some large chunks of crab in mine!

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Parklane Restaurant

Parklane Restaurant is a Chiu Chow style restaurant located next to London Drugs on No. 3 and Westminster highway. The other Chinese restaurant beside London Drugs is Empire Restaurant (which is a bit more expensive I believe) so don’t get them confused.

I like how it’s on the second floor and they have big windows that let lots of light come in! You also get a view of Kirin across the street and Richmond Centre. My parents were actually very late meeting my brother and I because they decided to do some last minute shopping…

Parklane Restaurant This was the Braised Dried Seafood Thick Soup. We didn’t find it to have much seafood and we would have preferred our usual crab meat and fish maw soup. Continue reading →

Shanghai House Restaurant

For my friend’s going away dinner, we went to Shanghai House which is in the plaza across from Richmond Centre. It doesn’t seem too popular though since it was kinda empty on a Saturday night. For the first time, I was too busy eating to take pictures of all the food because I was hungry but I can talk about half the things we ate!

Shanghai House RestaurantWhat’s a visit to a Shanghainese restaurant without some XLBs (xiao long baos)? Here they serve six in a steamer and they were big! Much bigger than the ones at Dinesty I had recently. These ones were actually full of juice! And I like ’em big. ;)

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Michigan Noodle Restaurant

Michigan Noodle Restaurant is in the same complex as the ever popular Cattle Cafe and Deer Garden. I happened to come here spontaneously after trying to go to Haroo upstairs but there were no tables left and we didn’t want to wait. Conveniently enough, Michigan was downstairs and we got the last available table. It’s actually not that big inside either. They specialize in wonton noodles but of course I did not go for that. Instead, after deliberating for ages, I got… Sweet and Sour Pork. Yes I’m pretty boring and so many other dishes looked good but I went with something safe. =__________= It was also only $7.99! Actually they had a lot of $7.99 dishes that I was interested in.

Sweet and Sour Pork

The pork was crispy and not overly sweet while the slightly sweet onions had a nice crunch along with the pineapples. Yum! Okay I promise I’ll order something else the next time I go!!! But you can’t go wrong with classics right? I had to order rice on the side though because it doesn’t come with any.


IMAG1021My friend had “lo mein” (mixed noodles) with wonton noodles and beef. I was expecting more of a thick salty sauce instead of this light soup broth. It made the dish very light though and maybe more healthy? It was nice that it wasn’t premixed so you can add as much or as little soup/sauce as you want. The beef was also tender and lightly salted.

Michigan Noodle Restaurant seemed like it had good options for wonton noodles as well as other dishes and service was very prompt as well.

Michigan Noodle Restaurant 麥之根雲吞麵世家 on Urbanspoon

The Moon – UBC SUB

The Moon is located downstairs of the UBC SUB along with some other food vendors. Compared to Manchu Wok they are a lot cheaper! Although Manchu Wok probably has slightly better quality control and consistency? Okay I don’t usually eat here but I just had a huge craving for unhealthy sweet and sour pork! I knew it wasn’t going to be great but I just had a craving for greasy fast Chinese food!


It costs $5 to get one item with rice or noodles and $6.50 for two items and rice or noodles. I got one item with noodles and they gave me plenty of sweet and sour pork. Of course I don’t expect quality here but the meat was a little tough to chew and maybe the sauce could be thicker but I like how the sauce drenched all the noodles and made them sweet and sour too. They also sell other items like deep fried chicken wings, broccoli and beef etc. and some other made to order items as well. I guess it’s ok if you’re a student looking for a quick filling meal.

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