La Taqueria – Broadway

Since I work really close to La Taqueria my coworkers and I decided to try it today! I’ve heard a lot about it and whenever someone mentions tacos, it’s either Chronic Tacos or La Taqueria that comes to mind. It’s conveniently located right across from the Broadway Canada Line Station. We noticed that they had a daily special: $9.50 for 4 meat tacos. I wasn’t that hungry so I just got two. I had no idea what to get off the menu so I just picked two things.

So after staring at the menu board for a while and feeling slightly overwhelmed, I settled on the Al Pastor and Carnitas. They’re $2.50 each for the meat ones and $2 for the vegetarian ones. We gave the server our names and he brought our food to the table shortly afterwards.

Al Pastor on the right and Carnitas on the left. The tacos come on two little soft flour shells and seriously the closest description of what they taste like is pulled pork but with different sauces. They were both very flavorful but I didn’t really like the taste of the taco shells though. I think it’s the doughy taste? They also have 4 different hot sauces ranging from mild to hot at their condiment stand along with some pickled red onion and jalapenos that you can add to your taco.

This was my friend’s plate which consisted of the Al Pastor, Pollo Con Mole, Tinga De Pollo? and the mexican potatoes which was recommended to us by the cashier. I tried the potatoes one and it was good but I think I prefer meat in my tacos!

It looked quite busy and full when we walked in around 4pm but since it’s pretty much fast food the place emptied out again by the time we were finished. Remember to get lots of napkins because these things are messy!

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