T&T-Taiwanese Sticky Rice Rolls

EDIT: I wrote this last month and the price has now gone up to $4.29.

Another EDIT: Apparently it’s $4.50 now… >.>

I’ve decided that it’s time to share my addiction to Taiwanese Sticky Rice Rolls with you all! I’ve had them for many years now since I discovered them in Osaka Supermarket. Now that T&T has opened at Marine Gateway, I have even more opportunities to get one! Priced at $3.99, this is a great snack.

T&T Taiwanese Sticky Rice Rolls

Unfortunately you cannot customize your sticky rice roll at this location. They are all pre-made and sitting in a warmer. Not a problem though because I’m not super picky about what’s in my rice roll. They all taste good to me! They do have a few varieties that include traditional, marinated pig ears, shredded chicken etc. General fillings include marinated egg, shredded egg, preserved vegetables, pork floss or Chinese donut. I was surprised that the Chinese donut was still crispy when I got mine.

T&T Taiwanese Sticky Rice Roll

If you wait till 8 or 9pm when they’re closing soon, I believe they go on sale for $3.49.