Gindaco-Takoyaki Chain in Japan

I recently went to Japan for the first time! I swear every week someone I follow on Instagram goes to Japan so finally it was my turn. I started my trip in Tokyo and I didn’t actually plan a lot of places to eat but everything we had was delicious! I did watch a ton of Youtube videos on Japan though and learned a few things. For example, did you know it is rude to walk and eat at the same time? They prefer you stand to the side and eat outside or eat at a designated seating area. Also, there are very few garbage cans around! I’m assuming because people aren’t walking around and eating there is less trash created or they just take it home and throw it out later. Gindaco Japan

One place I did hear about was Gindaco which is a chain restaurant specializing in takoyaki, grilled balls filled with octopus. I spotted a Gindaco when I was in the Roppongi area and decided to try it. They offer a few variations of takoyaki with different fillings or toppings but we just went with the classic one which was also the cheapest option at 580 yen.   Continue reading →

Charcoal Sushi and BBQ Restaurant

For Mother’s Day, my brother and I took my mom out for dinner at Charcoal Sushi. Located in the complex on No. 3 Road and Westminster Hwy, there’s plenty of parking here! Charcoal Sushi has about 7 medium sized tables inside and some bar seating. Each table also has a covered grill in the centre for BBQ meats. They take reservations but didn’t seem very busy for the Mother’s Day weekend.
Charcoal Sushi

We started off with a Chopped Scallop Roll and Smoked Salmon Roll. Fairly standard, the scalloped roll could’ve been rolled better. Continue reading →

Bubble Waffle Cafe-Kerrisdale

Disclaimer: The noodle soup combo (noodle soup + 1 drink + bubble waffle) and takoyaki were complimentary and we paid for the chicken rice. Opinions are my own as usual.

I was invited to try Bubble Waffle Cafe when they messaged me on Instagram. Of course I was more than happy to go! Who doesn’t like bubble waffle?! Also I’ve never actually tried them before even though they have been expanding rapidly last year. The line ups are just too long and if you’ve been reading my blog, then you’ll know I hate line ups.

Bubble Waffle Cafe Kerrisdale

Their Kerrisdale location is their flagship store. It’s just a few stores down from Orange Corner. You won’t miss it with those giant sail flags! There’s even a small patio area outside which would be nice in the summer although it’s not covered so it would probably get kinda hot. Continue reading →

Marulilu Cafe

I’ve passed by the cozy looking Marulilu Cafe many time before and I finally went! It’s right across from the Broadway and Cambie Canada Line station. The space inside is a bit tight and you order and pay at the counter first and they will bring the food to you. You can also help yourself to some water on the counter.

Marulilu Cafe

Most of their menu items are less than $10, especially some of their breakfast items. They also have a wide variety of drinks like lavender lattes! Their daily dessert selection is available in their display case at the front. Continue reading →

Jinya Ramen Bar-Kerrisdale

Jinya Ramen Bar opened their new location in Kerrisdale back in May. It’s right next to The Hills and there’s a bus stop right in front of the store so it’s a great location. I went around 3pm and there was still a short wait! I was super hungry during this visit so it could’ve biased me slightly since everything tastes good when you’re hungry! Just letting you guys know!

Jinya Ramen Bar-Kerrisdale Continue reading →

VanVan Izakaya

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

I was invited to another ChineseBites event at VanVan Izakaya on Robson across from Forage. All the dishes below were shared between 6 people and we tried most of their menu. If you see awkward shadows in my photo, that’s someone else pointing their camera at the same time (or everyone)!

VanVan IzakayaThis was the Unagi Kabayaki with teriyaki sauce.  The eel had a nice sweet flavour from the teriyaki sauce and it was tender. I like eel so I approve of this. Continue reading →

International Summer Night Market 2015

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Over the weekend I was invited by ChineseBites to the International Summer Night Market (the one near IKEA). On our way there, we almost ran over a super cute bunny as it dashed across the road! Don’t worry it survived! Okay back to the night market…

My boyfriend and I arrived around 8pm and the night market was dead compared to the other night market (the duck one). There were hardly any vendors and there weren’t that many food vendors either. It was pretty sad since this was the original night market that I used to go to but I guess the competition has gotten tough. On the bright side, this means literally no lines ups and no crowds. I also heard the food is a bit cheaper here and no entry fee either.

Prepare for lots of pictures!

Continue reading →

Guu – Aberdeen Center

Guu is a pretty interesting place to try out.  It’s one of those Japanese restaurants where the waitresses/waiters yell out the orders to a rousing chorus of approvals or repeats from the kitchen staff.  That being said, if you’re looking for a quiet place to unwind after working 8 hours for minimum wage…don’t go here…cause not only do they shout, but the prices aren’t as cheap as you’d like working for minimum.

Well, Guu isn’t that expensive, but I certainly wouldn’t call it cheap either.  However, the food is well worth it because its simply delicious.  Apparently, each Guu boosts special items exclusive to only that location, so if you’re a major fan, (or become one after trying it) you should definitely check out the other places.  Anyway, listening to me rant must suck, so here are the food pictures;

Good stuff, careful though it might roll away and wham…there goes one hour of work…okay it’s not that expensive

So what is that?  In all honesty I forgot.  It’s some pumpkin…egg…thingy…okay forget the name just order it…its good!  Good luck cutting it up without it crumbling though.  Some people might find it slightly too dry for their liking, but I thought it was okay.

Octopus Balls, no weird thoughts please!

Takoyaki!  My favorite food!  The skin was crisp, the batter and filling perfect, and the octopus ball, not huge, but a fairly decent size.  For their size, presentation and quality, their price of around 3-4 dollars isn’t a bad value.

My friend’s lunch box

My lunchbox!

The lunch boxes Guu offers are a decent value.  You get a fair bit, generally some rice, some sushi, a few slices of sashimi, then depending on what you order, skewers, tempura or the like.  Tasty,, not a bad presentation and fairly filling.

All in all I had a pretty good experience, though we went at a time when the restaurant wasn’t full so I don’t know how the service holds up when things heat up.  The bill for the two of us totaled 42$ with tax and 10% tips so you decided if its on the slightly more expensive end, or the fair end as everything we ordered is up there.  Now that it’s summer the night markets should be starting up which means…time to sample more Takoyaki!

– Wavayto

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