Dim Sum at The Roc Seafood Restaurant

This weekend I went for dim sum with my parents and we decided to try The Roc at it’s new location on 41st and Main. We went at 12:30pm and we got a table right away. Yay! I did not expect much from this restaurant and I had never been to the old location before. There were multiple TV screens on the walls and the seating was comfortable enough. This will mostly be a picture post.

These were really big and thicker than usual! I didn’t mind that but it would be quite filling if you had to eat more than one.

These were also bigger than usual.

Beef rice rolls. Very standard.

Various steamed dumplings which were good. The Siu Mai had too much meat in it. It was basically like a pork ball and there was barely any shrimp.

This was pretty interesting. It was shrimp on top of a piece of fried tofu (the soft kind). I liked this and I don’t think I’ve had this before and there was a lot of shrimp.

Overall, some of the dim sum items seem bigger than usual. Not a bad place for dim sum if you’re in the area.


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