Tim Horton’s Grilled Paninis

Tim Horton’s released their new grilled paninis menu sometime ago, over the summer I believe? I was a bit skeptical as to how good they would be but I decided to give them a go since I’m practically addicted to Tim Horton’s now I might as well try everything. They are currently offering a variety of flavours including Tuscan Chicken, Bacon, Tomato and Cheese, Smoked Ham and Cheese, Chipotle Turkey and Grilled Cheese. I was deciding between the Tuscan Chicken and the Bacon Tomato and Cheese (I love bacon!). In the end, I went with the Tuscan Chicken which had “Seasoned white chicken strips, tomatoes, red onions and processed mozzarella cheese with a creamy sundried tomato sauce”.

Tim Horton's Grilled Paninis

Tuscan Chicken PaniniI chose the multigrain bread and the bread was nicely toasted yet still soft and there were visible pieces of grain on it.

Tuscan Chicken PaniniThere was a good amount of chicken in it along with some tomato and onion. The sauce was very creamy and not super cheesy. It felt like the cheese blended in with the sauce a lot. It was soft, crunchy and savoury so it was pretty much comfort food to me. I did enjoy the panini even though it wasn’t an authentic one and it made a filling meal for me as well. I may give the other flavours a go some other time if I want a quick cheap meal.

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