Passion 8 Dessert Cafe

As a huge fan of Taiwanese thick toast and carbs in general, I was drawn to the toasts from Passion 8 Dessert Cafe.  Here they call them “toastery”. They are also known for their shaved ice. Passion 8 is located on Cambie and 14th near Tropika.

Passion 8 Dessert Cafe

I really didn’t feel like having shaved ice though since it was -5 outside but they come in two different sizes and you can also do take out as well. Actually in general I’m not crazy for shaved ice if there are other options around. I haven’t even been to Snowy Village yet!  Continue reading →

Dine Out Vancouver: Diva at the Met

It’s Dine Out Vancouver time! This year I chose to go to Diva at the Met. I actually had no idea where the Met was before but it turns out that it’s right next to the Hotel Georgia and across from Four Seasons so it’s in a very convenient location. The restaurant has a separate entrance beside the hotel’s main entrance. The restaurant has 3 small levels separate by a few steps but it makes it feel rather grand when you’re walking to your table. I also got a great view of the open kitchen!

Diva at the Met

To start, we were served some complimentary bread with butter. The server said it was a whole grain bread and there was also an olive bread but I think they were all whole grain since they all looked the same to me. It was soft and served at room temperature.

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Anton’s Pasta Bar: Quantity Over Quality

My BFF <3 from Toronto came back so we met up for lunch at Anton’s! Thankfully there was no line up at 1pm and the restaurant was only half full. My first visit to Anton’s was over two years ago now so I can’t quite remember what the food tasted like. The only thing I remembered was the giganormous portions and that’s what they’re famous for. Anton’s is in North Burnaby and it took me an hour to bus there! The decor inside had a homey feel to it but it was nothing fancy.

Excuse my horrible yellow photos, apparently my camera was on some kind of weird setting I didn’t know about. Oops! ><

Anton's Pasta BarWe were given some free bread to start off with but neither of us touched it since we knew we were going to be really full from the pasta. We had intended to eat it after but we had room so I can’t comment on the bread. There is also a minimum charge of $8 per person so we decided to share a pasta and a dessert to fulfill that requirement.

Anton's Pasta BarAll pastas are $12.75  for lunch unless otherwise specified. The pastas are divided by the type of sauce used in it such as red sauce, white sauce, clear sauce etc. They also have a selection of stuffed pastas and vegetarian pastas We chose the Penne Mezza Luna with Italian sausage & pancetta in an olive tomato sauce. I’ve always preferred red sauces and who doesn’t love anything with Italian sausage right?  Our server asked if we wanted any pepper on our pasta and we said yes. She kept going for longer than we expected before we realized we had to ask her to stop. First of all I thought that the penne was really thick and a bit chunky. It was also on the soft side and not quite al dente either. Otherwise it was alright and the sausage gave the pasta a bit of a kick or it could have been the black pepper we had sprinkled on top. The pasta was rather mediocre due to the noodles they used so I think this is somewhere you would go for quantity over quality.

Anton's Pasta BarThen we had our Tiramisu which turned out to be huge too! It also came with copious amounts of whipped cream. I was so glad we were sharing this. The cake was moist and spongey but the bottom layer was soaked in waaay too much espresso. It was pretty much soggy. =S I’m not too picky with cakes but this was probably the worse tiramisu I’ve ever had. They probably didn’t make the cake in house though and they’re not known for desserts anyway so I shouldn’t complain too much…

Anton’s is somewhere you go for quantity over quality. It’s definitely a good spot for a cheap lunch or dinner but you can get better quality pasta elsewhere. Also I don’t think it’s worth the hype and lineups at night either. If you want to try it, go during lunch times and skip dessert!

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Froshberg Gelato at Richmond Centre

Froshberg Gelato opened at the newly renovated Richmond Centre food court last year. I tried it once but I forgot to take pictures so I haven’t blogged about it yet. Since I was quite impressed last time I had to go back and try some other flavours! I’ve sampled the matcha green tea, peach mango, lime and pistachio flavours and they were all very good so it was hard to decide on what to buy. I like the sorbet flavours because they have just the right about of tartness without losing the fruity flavours but it wasn’t icy either.

IMAG0285I ended up getting a double scoop with tiramisu and donatella which is pretty much chocolate hazelnut flavoured. Think Ferrero Rocher. Both flavours were really smooth and creamy. I think their gelato is definitely on par with other gelato places in Vancouver (Vivo! Gelato, Gelarmony etc.). I would definitely drop by again if I had a gelato craving. Sometimes it’d be hard to choose between gelato or froyo with Pinkberry right beside it but since I’ve worked at a gelato store before I think I’m slightly biased towards gelato ;) I’ve been meaning to try Bella Gelateria which is suppose to me amaaazing but still haven’t gotten around to it yet =(


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Costco – Tiramisu Cake

On Sunday I went shopping at Costco and I haven’t been there in a loooong time. I totally forgot how busy it was on a Sunday! It was hard to find parking too. As we walked by the frozen/refrigerated cakes section I convinced my mom to get a tiramisu one! ;) hehehe they also had carrot cake and a “tuxedo” cake which mostly looked like chocolate cake. They were $15.99 each and for a pretty good size too.

So this can pretty much feed 8 people and it was pretty good for Costco! It wasn’t as moist and flavorful as Thierry per se (obviously) but then it can’t be too moist with the espresso since it has to last long in the freezer. The sponge cake was probably a bit more firmer than usual then but it did have the tiramisu flavor!.

I can’t say I’m too picky when it comes to cake =D This is probably better than their cheesecakes that I’ve tried.

Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe

If you’ve read my previous Theirry post, you’ll know I’m overly excited and in love with this place <3 So here I am again one week later! :D Don’t worry this will be a shorter post hehehe

After being super full after that one slice of chocolate tart, sharing was the way to go!

We got a lychee macaron (pink) and a coconut macaron and the tiramisu. The lychee macaron actually had a piece of lychee inside! The coconut one was even better because it was filled with chocolate filling =D The tiramisu (“mascarpone sabayon+ coffee/kahlua soak”) was also very good and surrounded by pieces of dark chocolate. Ok I can’t quite describe the cake but the “coffee soaked” part was indeed soaked because the plate got moist and it was quite creamy? It was very different from the tiramisu I tried at Sweet Revenge. All I can say is that this was definitely lighter and less sweet than the chocolate tart! That was a bit of overkill…