I know we have a Saboten location at the Aberdeen food court but it never looked particularly appealing to me. I guess I never felt like snacking on some deep fried pork cutlets and I didn’t understand the appeal. Also, I prefer fried chicken! We were in Yokohama and stumbled across Saboten in a shopping centre as we were trying to decide what to eat. Saboten serves set meals featuring tonkatsu as well as rice bowls.  Saboten

There is a sheet at the table with detailed instructions on how to eat tonkatsu.

Step 1: Ground black and white sesame seeds four or five times and add three ladles of tonkatsu sauce for dipping

Step 2: Choose from Yuzu dressing or Sesame dressing for the sliced cabbage.

Step 3: Free refills of rice, miso soup and cabbage.
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Miso Japanese Restaurant

First post of 2018! Yes I know it’s been awhile but I’ve been busy moving to Sydney, Australia! I’m doing the working holiday visa for a year so all the posts this year will be from Sydney and they have great food here. For this post I’ll be talking about Miso Japanese Restaurant, situated in World Square, they are well known for their teishoku and fancy bento “boxes” (but it’s more like a bento platter). Every day they also feature a special bento with limited quantities. Please also note that they will not seat you until your entire group has arrived.

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