Yayoi Garden

Yayoi Garden is the fine dining branch of the Yayoi restaurant chain that specialises in Japanese teishoku or lunch sets. I can see how this location would be popular for business lunches and it’s a quick walk from Circular Quay. The interior looks modern and sophisticated as well as spacious.Β Yayoi Garden

Almost all of us ended up ordering the Unagi Hitsumabushi as it was basically the cheapest thing on the menu ($26) but also eel is always good. There is also a Wagyu Tataki Hitsumabushi as well for the same price. This is not your usual unagi don though. Unagi Hitsumabushi is another way of consuming eel originating from Nagoya. The grilled BBQ eel is served on a bed of rice accompanied by seaweed and some dashi broth is served on the side for you to pour over the rice. You can pour as much of the broth on as you like and they do give you a lot.
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I’ve seen some really great Instagram posts about Sushiholic so I convinced my friends to check it out after biking around the seawall. I believe their original location is on East Broadway near Boundary Road. I visited their Denman location and it has a bit of a cozy feel with their brick walls and dim lighting.


I tried Plum Wine for the first time! I liked it since it was really sweet. Continue reading →

Sushiyama-Donburis Done Right

Sushiyama is located on the corner of Brunswick St. and Broadway right across from Kingsgate mall and also across from Pho Thai Son. Everyday is a good day for sushi so I was excited to try them out.


I actually did not really end up getting sushi since I had the Katsu Don.Β It was a great deal for $6.25 and it comes with miso soup too. The pork cutlet was nicely battered, not dry and fried with an egg on top. There were also some mushrooms and onions underneath too. The Β rice had the right amount of sauce unlike the really dry rice I had at Zipang Provisions. Also the pork at Zipang wasn’t cut up either so it was more difficult to eat. I definitely liked this version better! There isn’t that much rice though so if you eat a lot this probably won’t fill you up.

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Zipang Provisions

Zipang Provisions just started having lunch hours on weekdays so my co-workers and I decided to try it out. Before they only served lunch on weekends. Zipang Provisions used to be just Zipang and located on Main and 23rd? but they they moved to Main and 14th near Burgoo and next to the Last Crumb Bakery.

Since they just started serving lunch, it was pretty empty. I like the the wood themed decor though it looks very nice and polished inside.

Zipang Provisions

To start, we shared the Chicken Kaarage with Garlic Mayo. There were five pieces but one was a lot smaller than the others. The chicken was very moist and juicy! Can’t go wrong with fried chicken!

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Late Night at Deer Garden

After watching Guardians of the Galaxy at Metrotown, we went for a late dinner! Actually we were going to go to Sushi Mura but they were closing already…so we ended up going to Deer Garden on Fraser and I’ve never been to this location before.

Deer Garden

Grilled Beef Tongue! I love the salt and pepper on top and the bouncy texture. They now serve this one some corn and veggies. Before it was just by itself on a plate I think.

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