Bubble tea and Vera’s at Aberdeen

I love how the Aberdeen food court has pretty much every type of Asian food you can think of. I stopped by after school to grab some snacks with a friend. It was a bright sunny day and a nice cold drink would be perfect. The only bubble tea place was Estea so I didn’t have much of a choice but I’m not too picky. After staring at the menu indecisively I decided on a peach slush. They offer a selection of standard flavours and some fresh fruit flavours as well.

Estea peach slush It didn’t have much peach flavour at all and was mostly just sweet but pleasant enough for $4.

Vera's yam fries

Then I had an intense craving for fries! Since Vera’s happened to be there we went for their yam fries. Located in the corner next to Teppan Kitchen, it didn’t seem to get a lot of business. Their kitchen looked super clean and unused too. We had to wait a while before anyone came to serve us. For $6 this was a nice portion of fries. The fries were skinnier than I liked them to be but rather crispy and not limp. I also noticed that it wasn’t that greasy either since they served it to us in a paper bag, it wasn’t greasy afterwards. However, I thought they were lacking in flavour somehow and the garlic aioli wasn’t spicy either so I was a bit disappointed but it did the job. I’m really not sure how Vera’s manages to stay in business in this super Asian food court though.

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