Well Tea – Richmond

Dropped by Well Tea after two exciting games of lazer tag! It’s buy one game for $8.25 and get one free on Wednesdays! I forgot how much running around there was to do and it was really hot inside! So we refreshed ourselves with some bbt afterwards and I got an ice plate.

This cost about $4.50 and you have a choice of three toppings so I chose the green mango, coconut jelly and pearls. They also offered toppings like tapioca noodles (no idea what those are), condensed milk, grass jelly and chocolate syrup. For an extra $0.75 cents you can add another topping. I like sour things so I really liked the green mango although I’m not quite sure what’s in it since it’s not fresh obviously. It was in a gooey syrup but it went well with the ice. Too bad the ice isn’t flavoured like at Frapped Bliss though! They have the best shaved ice =) I was happy that there was a generous portion of toppings though.

This was my friend’s honey lemon green tea with coconut jelly (say hi to Totoro in the back!).  There was a slight bitter after taste from the tea I think so I didn’t really like it that much and I usually go for slushes anyway.

Anyway Well Tea is a nice hang out place for drinks along with all the other bbt cafes out there in Richmond.

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Well Tea-Richmond

Another day of eating out! This time my friends and I went to Well Tea. It was quite empty when we arrived around 6pm and we quickly got a table. Since this was a Taiwanese place we just had to order some deep fried appetizers. :) We got some deep fried squid and deep fried chicken thigh. Basically anything deep fried is good anyway!

The deep fried squid came with this sweet sauce as a dip and it was really good! The squid wasn’t too chewy either and the chicken thigh was crunchy yet moist.

Sweet and sour pork! I think I was expecting a different type of pork but it was still good. Adequate sauce! Didn’t really like the side dishes this time though =/

This was some kind of honey garlic pork ribs? I tried some and it was sweet but it had a lot of bones so I don’t think I’d order that. Also my friend found a hair in it and had to send it back … but they replaced her food quickly enough.

One of their teppanyaki dishes with beef and some veggies. It wasn’t that special and I don’t like how they used the baby corn instead of just regular corn.

Chicken nuggets with rice! Chicken nuggets were good. A friend commented that they were quite salty but I thought they were fine.

Champagne grape bbt with pearls. It just tasted like grape juice. I think the “champagne” was just to make it sound fancier but I liked that it didn’t taste like grape medicine.

This was the miso teriyaki chicken fried rice. We all tried some of this and liked it a lot.

Hot passion fruit bbt no pearls.

It was a nice place to meet up with friends for some drinks and snacks. I love the deep fried chicken nuggets! The girls at the next table were celebrating someone’s birthday too. However I noticed that they didn’t offer us any tea or water… so are we all suppose to purchase our drinks? It also wasn’t particularly outstanding from all the other Taiwanese cafes in around either but I’d go just so I don’t end up at Pearl Castle all the time.


Well Tea 茶井 (Richmond) on Urbanspoon