Bluhouse Market & Cafe-Lunch in Deep Cove

My first time hiking Quarry Rock in Deep Cove was last year and I was glad that it was easy! I’m not much of a hiking person actually but I do want a slight challenge and some exercise so it’s the perfect hike for me! Also, I can use it as an excuse to go eat after! We went over the BC Day long weekend and surprisingly it wasn’t too crowded. I arrived at 10am and we came back down around 12pm after sitting at the top for a bit.

Bluhouse Market & Cafe

We didn’t plan where to eat beforehand and came across Bluhouse Market & Cafe. Since it looked cute and not too busy, we just decided to go for it.¬† Read more

The Chopped Leaf-“Healthy” Fast Food?

I was looking for something to eat on my way to my haircut and I found The Chopped Leaf on Robson street. Their name screams healthy right? You can order a starter, a salad, full salad or a wrap as well as soups, sandwiches and rice bowls. If you order your food for here, they’ll give you a number sign and bring your food over to your table but it’s still a fast food type of restaurant. They also seem to be expanding across Canada. When I came in it was so warm compared to outside that my glasses fogged up @__@

The Chopped Leaf

I went for the Bangkok wrap which had “Romaine, iceberg, peppers, snow peas, onion, noodles,¬†peanuts, cilantro with evil peanut”. This cost $6.85 which was okay for a wrap. You can also add protein like chicken, tuna or prawns too but I didn’t. The wrap was crunchy from the iceberg lettuce, snow peas and the peppers but the noodles had a weird texture they were not soft or hard but in between like they were half cooked ramen noodles. It didn’t really bother me that much but it was weird… The peanut sauce was good and it was slightly spicy too.

The Chopped LeafSo as healthy as this may sound, I actually picked the wrap with the highest number of calories according to nutrition information on their website. Want to take a guess? This was 598 calories… @___@ The salads seem slightly better though and I think the portion would be a bit bigger. Ok I’m not a nutrition expert so I really don’t know but it’s probably still better than McDonald’s?

The wrap was fresh and tasty but I don’t think I’ll be back. It could be convenient to grab take out if you work downtown though.

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Pig on the Street: Bacon All the Way!

I was wandering around downtown yet again and I had my eye on food trucks again. I just have so many on my list to try! Since they’re all around the same price, I decided to go for Pig on the Street (love the name). Bacon makes everything taste good right? They had a selection of four handcrafted flatbread wraps with bacon and one veggie option as well.

Pig on the StreetWhile all the options looked equally delicious, I settled for the Southern Piggy. I love how cute the names are! After you place your order, you get to choose a pink wooden pig with funny famous pig names on it and that’s the name they call when your order is ready. I had the Hogfather.

Pig on the Street This wrap was heftier in size than I imagined!

Pig on the StreetThe double smoked bacon was crispy and smoky and everything bacon should be. The bacon was balanced out by the roasted corn, peppers and greens. The bourbon BBQ sauce and chipotle mayo made it a bit spicy but I found that the cheddar was lost in the wrap. They were not stingy with the bacon since there was at least three pieces yet they gave you ample amounts of veggies to make it “healthier” too. The wrap was interesting because had a more doughy feel to it but wasn’t too thick either. The whole wrap was packed with flavour and I loved every bite of it. It didn’t feel greasy either even though there was a lot of bacon. Super delicious and satisfying! Oink!

Pig on the Street is about to be named my favourite food truck! Okay I really haven’t tried that many yet but I’m making my way through my list! I would probably choose this over Mom’s Grilled Cheese but it’s not really fair to compare. I like that they try to be vegetarian friendly too but I doubt many vegetarians would stop by a business that specializes in bacon?

Pig on the Street on Urbanspoon

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